[Please reject] MVP Workshop Treasury Proposal: DotSwap UI & Front-End (a DEX on Statemint)

We have opened a tip for the reimbursement of this Proposal for the return of the bond. We will re-submit this Proposal later.

Hey Polkadot Community!

My name is Alex, and I am super excited to have the opportunity to finally put a lot of thought, planning and strategy into motion and execute a set of development initiatives in order to help build Polkadot ecosystem with MVP Workshop, one of the Europe's pioneers in Web3 & Blockchain, and with my responsibility as a Web3 Founder & Business Developer.

The first step is for our team at MVP Workshop to build a UI & Front-End for DotSwap, a UniSwap V1-based DEX on Statemint.

A bit more information about MVPW:

MVP Workshop is a Blockchain Product Research & Development Studio, and one of the pioneers of Web3 in Europe.

We are an innovative team of 50+ engineers, developers, designers, consultants and marketers who are head-over-heels in love with the wide range of possible applications of blockchain technology. Our experience counts 70+ developed Blockchain products, and we are proud to say that our biggest accomplishments are:

  • Polygon’s official implementation partner (built Polygon Edge, Nightfall Block Explorer and 5+ more products during a 3-year partnership). We are also very proud to say that Mihailo Bijelic, Co-Founder of Polygon, came from our research facility named 3327 and that we proposed the name ‘Polygon’ when it was still MATIC Network. 🙂

  • Parity’s Substrate Delivery partners: 2 years ago we got in touch with Parity to build a variety of products for the Polkadot ecosystem, including Substrate Starter Kit. Although we’ve hold off scaling the Rust team, we’re now dedicated towards creating a dedicated department (and maybe even a venture) that would focus on new projects in the Polkadot ecosystem, as we’ve been in touch with Parity regarding building Parachain SDK, as well as the UI for DEX on Statemint, that we’re currently writing a Proposal for.

  • Complete technology solution for Celsius Network: Although we all know what happened with Celsius, we are still proud with what we’ve accomplished, as we didn’t have anything to do with the Business or Management side, and even our company funds and my personal funds are still stuck.

Also, we’re proud to say that 3 weeks ago, we’ve managed to get into top 12 finalists out of 250+ companies on ETHGlobal’s Hackathon on building dApps on top of FVM (Filecoin Virtual Machine).

The list goes on and on, as we’ve been working closely with more recognizable industry names such as Moonbeam, Bitcoin.com, yearn.finance, created different products on Cardano, and many more.

Our DEX experience:

Already mentioned, we have a significant experience developing Celsius, a UniSwap fork for a big CeFi product, a DEX for Bitcoin.com built on Moonbeam, Tesseract finance (supported by yearn.finance), Revuto (a DEX on Cardano) and more.

You'll find UI samples in the full Proposal found here.

So far, MVPW Studio has been engaged in Polkadot ecosystem by:

  • Creating a Substrate-Starter-Kit (which is a tool that brings the simplicity of creating a substrate-based blockchain by simple drag and drop pallets to a codebase.

  • Developed a DEX on Moonbeam as a part of cooperation with Bitcoin.com (was never launched).

Today, we’re in close contact with Parity representatives in two big initiatives:

  • Parachain SDK (a tool that will offer a set of shortcuts to easily deploy Parachains in a more affordable and quick way)

  • UI & Front-end for a DEX on Statemint (a project we’re writing this proposal for)

With our serious plans to dive in the Polkadot ecosystem and give our full experience and expertise into empowering it, we are planning to submit a proposal for the UI & Front-End development of DotSwap, a DEX built on top of Statemint, a generic assets parachain and the first common good project, which provides functionality for deploying and transferring assets.

In the full Proposal document, you'll find a following structure/outline of topics:

  1. Requirements & Funding
  2. Introduction
  3. About us (Company background)
  4. Context of the proposal (Our principles on building on Polkadot, Statemint challenge, MVP Workshop's solution by contributing to build a UI & Front-End for the DEX 'DotSwap', etc.)
  5. Scope of Work + Project Estimates

Having lots of experience in infrastructure and enterprise business solutions, we wanted to share our input on Polkadot, in terms of what we will focus on in order to contribute to the massive adoption of the technology amongst the industry.

We've found out about this initiative from talking internally with Parity team who onboarded us fully with the project requirements and description, which only made us thrilled to scope and estimate the UI & FE development and start with MVPW's contribution to the ecosystem.

For this development initiative, we’re asking for $80,960 or 13,500 DOT on the date and time (6-March) that 1 DOT = $5,97

Thank you Stefan, Rich, Vi, Alex, Gilles and many more who contributed in the continuous support on this initiative. 🙏🏼

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