Cancel the upgrade of Polkadot Runtime to v9320

This proposal aims to cancel the upgrade of Polkadot Runtime to v9320, due to a change on FRAME code explained below:

As the dev team works on transforming all FRAME pallets and code to work properly with WeightsV2, they have added the following check to the scheduler pallet:


This piece of code should ensure that we don't execute a scheduled call that would use more weight than we have left for the block. For most calls this isn't any problem as they should be fit easily into a block. However, for set_code the dev team currently has annotated it with using the max block weight:


So, when trying to execute set_code with the scheduler it will always fail this check. There will be already some consumed weight when trying to dispatch the call and some_weight + max_block_weight will always be bigger than max_block_weight. A new proposal will be submitted with the correct call soon.

  • Proposal hash: 0x88998cf7535c1f22d62849be8464fdc38fe46c0a46dc943ec56c91ef6592ec65

  • Preimage is submitted.

  • Note this motion is an external one: meaning if/after Council approves, the community will vote on this proposal with the final decision.

This vote has been closed.
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