Adjusting Nomination Configuration

This proposal aims to change the configuration of three operations on: Fast-unstake pallet, Staking pallet, Nomination pools pallet, particularly:

  1. Increasing the minimum number of tokens to create a nomination pool from 200 DOT to 500 DOT.

  2. Increasing the bond size required to become a direct nominator from 100 DOT to 250 DOT.

  3. Enabling fast unstake on Polkadot: this has been well tested in Kusama, and is ready to go 🚀. Read about fast unstake here or here.

  4. Increasing the number of validator candidates from 1200 to 1500 in anticipation of an increase in the active set of validators

  5. Increasing the number of pools to 256: given the successful launch of Pools so far on Polkadot, and the network having almost the full list of 128 pools, I propose doubling the maximum count again to 256.

The previous discussion on this proposal can be found here.

  • Call data: 0x1a000c28020100000007160100a89c13460200000000000000000000000001dc0500000000270b0001005039278c040000000000000000000001000100000000

  • Call hash: 0x4d779af12cec076f6dfe5b6087746b501592222bbcee70ff6ec51825eb389dde

Preimage can be checked here.

Please nots this is submitted as an external motion: meaning if/after Council approves, the proposal will need to be up for vote by the community in referenda queue for the final decision.

Make sure to vote at your convenience!

This vote has been closed.
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