Reset Watr Parachain

Contextual Information from the team, below:


A proposal requested by the Watr team to reset the blockchain back to seedling. Contextual information can be found below.


We tried to reset a technical genesis (pre-commercial deployment of runtime) of Watr. The current parachain model doesn't allow privileged operations such as a reset without either tokens in the sudo account, on-chain governance accounts or relay chain governance. However the tokens generated in this genesis block are locked and unusable. So we are unable to perform the reset and progress to commercial deployment. As such the network is locked and unusable without intervention from relay chain governance.


The network is locked and cannot be used or reset without intervention from relay chain governance. Whilst Devnet is active, the reset will be purely a technical rollback since our Parachain has not gone live to user transactions or funds yet. There is no risk to other applications, other Parachains or the relay chain.


We have explored all other solutions and after discussion and advice from Parity experts, have created this proposal to reset the Parachain to seedling state so we can progress to commercial deployment of the Watr Parachain.

Proof of Authenticity

We submit the following proof of authenticity, signed by the registrar of the Watr Parachain (id: 2058) 13DgtSygjb8UeF41B5H25khiczEw2sHXeuWUgzVWrFjfwcUH,

  • Text: This proposal has been submitted to Polkadot governance by the Watr Team with pre-image hash 0x2929e149de9d487466fed4093f721f68cfcdce1600e8d44e4b5b5c725efebcc3. We confirm our intention to update the genesis state to 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001a3a2baafaa9623dbeab06759b78f4bce878d0fbfeef992a546bce6670131e6103170a2e7597b7b7e3d84c05391d139a62b157e78786d8c082f29dcf4c11131400 and the runtime to (Blake2-256) 0x900f07dfc7cfa4567f2f8ee94fb18793c79d46f233331913516c82a8ea379095

  • Signature: 0xa096627fbd5cd2ec0ad77fc7687e7201aedc5d793bede53df7dd7dc74d45a12d6d30a88bd4cde6fc72456524577c80f6bf2fd62099ca7065b445a564a9631387


Below is the preimage:

  • Hash: 0x2929e149de9d487466fed4093f721f68cfcdce1600e8d44e4b5b5c725efebcc3

  • Extrinsic:


paras.forceSetCurrentCode(2058, newCode),

paras.forceSetCurrentHead(2058, newHead)


Make sure to vote at your convenience! Please note this proposal is submitted as an external motion: meaning if/after Council votes, the proposal will pass to referenda queue for the community to make the final decision.

This vote has been closed.
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