Runtime Upgrade v9420 on Polkadot Network

This proposal aims upgrade the Polkadot network to runtime v9420: the specific details on this upgrade please check the release notes. This runtime contains the changes from v9370 to v9420. Please note there are 4 runtime migrations for the Relay Chain in this release (details below). In addition to the migrations mentioned above, all the migrations included in runtimes since v9380 have been included in this release, allowing to jump over a few runtimes.

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Relay Chain

Among other things, this proposal includes the inclusion of OpenGov on Polkadot. Note that, in order for OpenGov to be fully operational, the proposal upgrading collectives parachain needs to be approved and enacted (this is ongoing). If this happens, Fellowship will be created in the Collectives parachain. The Technical Fellowship is an integral part of OpenGov model.

Relay Chain Changes

  • [S] ✅ audited #12951 Low - Deprecate Currency; introduce holds and freezing into fungible traits

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13287 Low - Metadata v15: expose api to fetch metadata for version

  • [P] ✅ trivial #6897 Low - Update weights

  • [P] ✅ audited #6701 Low - Introduce opengov into polkadot

  • [P] ⏳ pending non-critical audit #5974 Low - Kusama: enable dispute slashes

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13558 Low - Getcallindex trait

  • [P] ✅ trivial #6928 Low - Vstam1/xcm admin origin

  • [P] ✅ trivial #6937 Low - Inherent disputes: remove per block initializer and disputes timeout event

  • [S] ✅ audited #12287 Low - Emit event when changing total locked value in pallet-balances

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13704 Low - Frame: fix the referenda confirming alarm

  • [S] ✅ audited #13715 ‼️ HIGH - Reward pool migration fix

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13648 Low - Contracts: add host function tracing

  • [P] ✅ trivial #6846 Low - Proxy for nomination pools

  • [P] ✅ trivial #6980 Low - Tighter bound on asset types teleported so that weight is cheaper

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13702 Low - [contracts] overflowing bounded deletionqueue

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13610 Low - Refactor: inconsistent balanceconversion fn

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13798 Low - Uniform pallet warnings

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13722 Low - Implement #[pallet::composite_enum]

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13699 Low - Deprecate v1 weights

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13835 Low - removepallet migration utility struct

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13302 Low - Metadata v15: add runtime api metadata

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13851 Low - Fix fungible and fungibles set_balance return value

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13724 Low - Contracts: add sr25519_verify

  • [P] ⏳ pending non-critical audit #6934 Low - Enable changing executor params through governance

  • [P] ✅ audited #6843 Low - Xcm: properly set the pricing for the dmp router

  • [S] #13779 Low - Add freeze/thaw events and tests

  • [P] #6662 Low - Xcm: remote account converter

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13827 Low - Pallet-democracy: do not request the proposal when scheduling

  • [S] ✅ audited #13936 ❗️ Medium - Removes reportsbykindindex

  • [P] #7114 ❗️ Medium - Offences migration v1: removes reportsbykindindex

  • [S] ✅ trivial #13988 ❗️ Medium - Pallet collective: fix genesis member sort order

  • [P] ⏳ pending non-critical audit #7098 Low - Xcm: implement a blocking barrier

  • [S] ⏳ pending non-critical audit #13932 Low - Frame: inherited call weight syntax

  • [P] ✅ trivial #7150 Low - Update weights

System Parachain Runtimes

This Polkadot system parachain upgrade includes changes since v9370, which has several major updates. For one, it includes XCM v3.

On Statemint, this does not include NFT 2.0 or Foreign Assets as the Statemine release does, although with the audits completed these will be in an upcoming release. It does include the new runtime API to query account balances, which will return all the fungible assets (under the Balances pallet and both instances of the Assets pallet) that an account owns in a single RPC call. This should be particularly useful for front end developers.

External Motion

Please note this proposal is submitted as an external motion: meaning after/if Council approves, this submission will be up for vote in referenda queue for the community to have the final decision. It is a general expectation, given the size of the upgrade, for the community to vote on this for a complete launch period (28 days).

Make sure to vote at your convenience!

This vote has been closed.
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