Multix - Further development and Cypress Dapp testing plugin


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Multix is a simple interface to manage complex multisigs. It has been live for more than 6 months and its continuous development has been made in the open. It’s become the de-facto interface for teams to manage their multisigs, making it easy even on mobile or with the use of pure proxies. It supports more than 13 chains to date and users’ feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. This proposal aims to continue Multix development (see the list of planed features in the full proposal), but not only. We propose to build a Cypress Dapp testing plugin to benefit all Polkadot Dapps, more on this below.

  • Learn more about Multix from the Polkadot Decoded presentation: Multix: Multisigs made simple
  • We also published articles regarding the shortcomings of multisigs and how Multix can help. Check it out on Polkaverse or Medium.

Currently, it’s very hard to properly do integration tests with Dapps. Integration tests are the most advanced type of tests. They are no less than the automation of what a real user would do with the Dapp. Clicking buttons, sending transactions, making mistakes, etc.
Right now, developers have to mock the responses from the wallet and from the nodes. They spend a lot of time developing solutions which provide few guarantees because the tests are running against mocked responses. If the interface or the answers from the node or the wallet change, the mocks have to be updated and unless the developers pay close attention, they may only discover these changes in prod. As a Dapp, Multix faces the same issues. This is the reason why we propose to build a plugin for the popular testing framework Cypress . This open-source plugin will allow teams to automate Dapp integration tests, without the need for mocking. As we talked to Dapp developers in our network, from Talisman to InvArch, our contacts have shared their enthusiasm.

There is no better way to build a tool than to build it for your own needs. This will not only benefit Multix but also the entire ecosystem. This is why this proposal of Multix development is coupled with the building of a Cypress plugin to benefit Polkadot Dapp developers and ultimately Dapps users.

We request 214,099 USD for the next 6 months of development
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