Retroactive & Ongoing Funding Rationale: Republik Rupiah - Turning Indonesia into the Polkadot Island's With Education and Community

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Indonesia… A Missed Opportunity?:

In the three years that Republik Rupiah has been operating, we have become the fastest growing blockchain community and education platform in Indonesia and are now one of the largest in the country. Throughout this time we have become long time Polkdot enthusiests and ecosystem members.

Indonesia has emerged as a significant player in the blockchain scene, this is due to the governments positive regulation and its unique positioning within the Southeast Asia region. However, despite this success and positive regulation, Republik Rupiah identified that there was a need for greater education and community support for Indonesian blockchain adopters, in their own language. The information available was often biassed, unreliable and risky, with many content platforms shilling their own interests or just outright scams. This is a real issue, because once an individual is burnt by scammers or bad information then they are potentially lost to the ecosystem entirely. Including being lost as a potential Polkadot ecosystem participant. This was a problem we knew we could resolve.

The Solution:

As a prominent leader in blockchain education within Indonesia, Republik Rupiah has made its mission to deliver information in a way that is not only accurate but easy to understand and apply, especially for non-English speakers. It is undeniable that a large proportion of information surrounding cryptocurrency and blockchain information is delivered in English. This creates a difficult barrier to entry, especially for those that lack the ability to understand, comprehend and apply English. We recognised this problem and have become the solution. This is achieved by providing a variety of levels of content from beginner to expert, that successfully educates the Indonesian blockchain community in their native language. While also prividing a timeless resource for the worlds 4th most populated country.

Over the last three years, we have built a dedicated platform which has developed a vast library of information that consists of over 600 published videos and written articles. In regard to Polkadot specific content, our platform has achieved nearly 630,000 Polkadot video views (nearly 10 million total platform views), published dozens of Polkadot and parachain written articles, engaged in community webinars, as well as teaching and troubleshooting Polkadots ecosystem across all chat forums within our community. We have successfully built a highly engaging blockchain specific community, with a large social media following (over 200k accumulative).

This includes:



YouTube Channel








Twitter/ X





We believe that Republik Rupiah's persistent efforts have significantly advanced the Polkadot ecosystem within Indonesia. Our reputation is built upon pure education and thoroughly vetted research. Our educational content does not shill or hype, does not chart or do technical analysis, but rather educates the people of Indonesia on blockchain fundamentals and emerging technologies.

Retroactive and Ongoing Funding Rationale:

We are seeking funding in the amount of $68,000 USD (DOT equivalent 16,182 DOTEMA30) to support past and future efforts in Polkadot community building and content creation, across all our educational media platforms. This figure was derived as it equates to an approx expense of six months of operations for our team of 12.

  1. Retroactive funding: We seek to secure retroactive funding to support the work we have already done in the Polkadot ecosystem. We have been able to bring awareness to Polkadot, that wasn't initially there from the Indonesian community. We have done this by being self funded and have morphed into a self sustaining business the advertising. Our advertising space or 'Core time', is somewhat wasted on exchanges and centralised wallets and would much rather be given to Polkadot related content.
  2. Future educational resources: We will continue to create various engaging and accessible pieces of content that will foster a strong foundation of awareness, understanding and adoption of the Polkadot ecosystem within Indonesia's blockchain community. We seek to secure funding that will be instrumental in achieving our efforts to create educational and community-building content around Polkadots ecosystem. With a strong commitment to nurturing and expanding the adoption of Polkadots innovative blockchain technology, we recognize the crucial role of ongoing development and outreach. The funding will enable our team to continue producing a quality standard of content, as well as reach a wider audience, thus solidifying our position as a valuable resource for the Polkadot  community within Indonesia.

Our intention is to NOT become reliant or dependant on Polkadot treasury grants for our business operations or survival. We are an independent and in most cases cost neutral or a slightly profitable business. We have already produced the work that we are seeking retroactive funding for and we are proud of our results and feel they speak for themselves. Funding allows us to be more agile in our decision making moving forward as it replenishes funds we have already spent to achieve the impactful results mentioned above. We anticipate the next few months and years to be vital for the ecosystem's growth and we would like to approach this period from a position of strength. 


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