Ink! ecosystem growth tool


Hello Builders,

The Tokenguard team would like to propose and initiate discussion on supporting Ink! dApp builders by providing them with on-chain analytics tool with in-depth Smart Contracts insights for growth purposes.

We believe that one of the important factors influencing the growth of the community of the entire Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem is supporting dApp builders who, through their solutions, attract new users to the entire ecosystem. We agree with what was mentioned in this post that “As a Polkadot ecosystem, we should push Ink! more(than EVM) to make Polkadot native use cases that leverage Polkadot’s technologies.”

Therefore, to attract and support Ink! creators, there is a need for tools that will allow them to operate more effectively.

Tokeguard proposes to build dApp Marvels - an on-chain analytical tool intended for Ink! dApps creators to support their growth and operation through in-depth analyzes and indicators of on-chain user behavior, which will help to more effectively attract users to the Polkadot ecosystem and support Ink! creators in infrastructure development .

We value your feedback and invite you to the discussion.


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