Proposal to Fund educational content for MAD CRIPTO MX YouTube Channel and twitter account



The Polkadot ecosystem is experiencing rapid growth and adoption, with a growing demand for high-quality educational content in various languages. To address this need, I propose funding the Mad Crypto MX YouTube channel, which has been consistently producing informative and engaging Polkadot content since 2020. This initiative will significantly enhance Polkadot's reach and foster a more inclusive community. Youtube Channel:

Background and Experience

Mad Crypto MX is a prominent Spanish-language YouTube channel dedicated to educating viewers about the crypto ecosystem. The channel has consistently produced high-quality content, including in-depth tutorials, ecosystem updates, and interviews with key figures in the Polkadot community. These videos have been instrumental in onboarding Spanish-speaking individuals into the Polkadot ecosystem, playing a crucial role in its growth and adoption. Also not only I have created videos/content but spoken about polkadot in various crypto events and conferences.

I also run a Polkadot staking pool called TODODECRIPTO which currently has more than 83k DOT delegated.





With my educational project Todo de Cripto I also managed to get the only interview out there asking Vitalik about Polkadot:

This is a playlist which includes some but not all my polkadot related videos:

Proposed Content and Impact

With funding from the Polkadot community, Mad Crypto MX will expand its content production to two videos per week for the next six months. This consistent stream of informative videos will provide valuable insights into the Polkadot ecosystem, catering to both new and experienced users. The content will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Deep-dive tutorials on Polkadot technologies and applications
  • Regular updates on the Polkadot ecosystem, including new projects and developments
  • Interviews with Polkadot founders, developers, and community members

To further amplify the reach of the content, Mad Crypto MX will also share the videos on Twitter, ensuring that Polkadot's message reaches a broader audience.
Twitter account:

Note: My Polkadot content will not be limited to this 2 videos per week. I actually speak frequently about it in my livestreams and tweets, so much even people have asked me in the past if I get paid by Polkadot to speak about it.

Channel Performance and Audience

Mad Crypto MX's YouTube channel has experienced significant growth over the years, with over 105,000 subscribers and over 7.8 million views. The channel's audience is primarily Spanish-speaking, but the inclusion of English-language interviews ensures that the content reaches a global audience.

Funding Request and Budget Breakdown

To support Mad Crypto MX's content production for the next six months, we request funding of $24,000 (4,700 DOT). This budget is based on a production cost of $500 per video.


Funding Mad Crypto MX's YouTube channel represents a strategic investment in Polkadot's growth and community development. By providing high-quality educational content in Spanish and English, we will empower individuals worldwide to explore and utilize the vast potential of the Polkadot ecosystem. I ask the Polkadot community to support this proposal and join me in fostering a more inclusive and informed Polkadot community.

Additional Notes

  • Mad Crypto MX has consistently produced high-quality content that has been well-received by the Spanish-speaking Polkadot community.
  • The proposed content plan is comprehensive and will cover a wide range of topics relevant to the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • Mad Crypto MX has a strong track record of promoting Polkadot on social media and will continue to do so with this funding.

I am confident that this proposal will significantly benefit the Polkadot ecosystem and encourage the community to support it. Open to any suggestions to make it better too.


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