The Killer Dapp - ApeX Ultimate Fighting Universe


Hello Fellow Polkadot Community,

In crypto, there is a sentiment that now that the infrastructure is in a good place all we are waiting for is that one killer Dapp to attract the masses.
I tend to believe that it will be a series of smaller Dapps that attract the first wave of masses before that one major Dapp comes along probably in 5-10 years from now.

I am one of those crypto people that believe a big part of the first wave will come through Web3 Gaming.

Although Dot is my favourite chain, I have to admit that other chains are ahead in terms of having fun workable products that have attracted large passionate communities to them. This, despite the fact that Dot's technology is superior.

One Web3 game I have been part of from the beginning and watched its success is Solana's PhotoFinish Live. It's a Horse Racing ecosystem that is a great example of how successful Web3 games can be if they are well done.

We need a game like this on Dot. It will show off the advantages of Dot and bring over many of the Web3 and NFT enthusiasts over from Solana, Matic and other chains.

My proposal is to create ApeX (working title) a combat simulation Web3 game that utilises both the best of Dot tech and elements of successful Web3 games from other chains to attract those players and investors over to Dot.

To achieve this we would be working with the team at Unique Network who have been building an NFT specific chain on Polkadot for many years now and have been at the forefront of NFT Technology on Dot.

This project will balance ambition with simplicity.

With an objective to show off the NFT and gaming technology of Polkadot and Unique by providing users a easy to use, fun, beautifully looking combat simulation game that is on par with anything else available in Web3.

It will have three main phases to it:

  1. The launch of the Avatar NFT collection (These avatars will be later used in the game as fighters)
  2. The avatar growth and training phase (This phase allows players to morph their NFTs into the fighter they want in the game)
  3. The launch of the game

The main costs of this projects are:

-NFT Artist
-NFT Devs
-Gaming Devs

With the gaming devs costing the most.
There is no point in doing it if we can't design a world class game, that looks amazing and is easy to use.

Estimated Timeline:

-NFT collection Launch (1 Month)
-Market Place, Training and Growth platform for Avatars (3 Months)
-Game Launch (6-8 months)

Estimated Cost:
100,000 Dot to be used over 1 year.
After 1 year the game should be self sufficient through revenue generated by gameplay.

The project will cost more than this overall, but some revenue will be generated from the NFT launch and the team is prepared to invest some of their own funds as needed.

More About ApeX:


Unleash the primal fury of ApeX, a pioneering dynamic NFT collection that revolutionises the digital collectibles space.

Say goodbye to static NFTs and step into a vibrant, interactive universe where your digital assets grow, evolve, and engage in thrilling underground combat.

Phase 1 marks the genesis of 10000 unique ape fighters, each minted as an equal, brimming with latent potential. This is a dramatic shift from the static NFT collections of the past, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Here, your ownership extends beyond a digital image; you hold sway over the growth, skills, and destiny of your ape.

Feeding your ape determines their transformation into one of three powerful body types: The imposing Silverback; the nimble, hard-hitting Chimera; or the enigmatic, energy-manipulating Rogue. Their diet also influences their abilities across 10 distinct categories, including Strength, Agility, Endurance, Intelligence, Energy, Technique, Charisma, Luck, Willpower, and Resilience. Your choices mold them, carving out champions that mirror your strategies and decisions.

Phase 2 propels your NFTs into the exhilarating world of the ApeX Ultimate Fighting Universe, a highly entertaining combat simulation game. Your nurtured apes, now skilled fighters, will enter the arena to match their prowess against other ApeX pugilists in exciting simulated one-on-one duels. Their growth and training manifest as tactical combat maneuvers and skills, making each battle a unique display of your strategic influence.

In the realm of ApeX, every battle is a chance to claim glory, every victory a testament to your prowess as an owner. Every NFT tells a unique story, one shaped by your guidance and decisions, played out in the thrilling world of underground fighting.

ApeX isn't just a collection, it's a dynamic, immersive experience that merges the thrill of NFT ownership with the strategic depths of competitive gaming. The arena awaits - are you ready to guide your own ApeX to glory?


By teaming up with Unique Network and utilising Polkadot ApeX is taking NFT Avatar Collectibles to the next level.

These are truly the next generation of NFTs

You control your rarity.
Upon mint each ApeX NFT will have equal value.
How rare your NFT becomes is totally in your control.

Once you mint an ApeX, you will get to control what kind of fighter it grows into.
Through different training and feeding you get to control the eventual shape and size of your fighter.

Three Body Types:

Silverback: Silverbacks are the equivalents of Sumo wrestlers in this underground fight club. Their size and robustness make them difficult to move or topple, giving them an edge in endurance. Powerful and capable of withstanding numerous hits, Silverbacks use their body weight and strength to overpower their opponents. However, their hefty size hampers their speed and agility, leaving openings for nimble opponents. For Silverbacks to win, they need to pin their opponents, using their size and strength to limit the opponents' movements.

Chimera: Chimeras are the muscular, agile fighters of the club. Smaller than the Silverbacks but incredibly strong and quick, they rely on their agility to strike and evade incoming attacks. Their fights are a rhythmic dance of swift hits, dodges, and footwork. However, they must avoid being cornered by a Silverback or falling victim to an Orangu's energy attacks. A successful Chimera leverages speed, power, and quick thinking to outmaneuver and outsmart opponents.

Rogue: Rogues are the mystical combatants of the fight club. Physically, they're the most fragile, but they make up for it with their energy manipulation skills. They are unpredictable, making them a tricky adversary. However, they must avoid close combat at all costs as they can't take too many direct hits. A successful Rogues uses its energy-based abilities to control the fight, creating distance and exploiting the weaknesses of their opponents.

Fighter Characteristics

Strength: Measures the raw physical power of the fighter. Influences the damage dealt by physical attacks.

Agility: Gauges the character's speed and reflexes. Affects the character's ability to dodge attacks and the speed of their own attacks.

Endurance: Measures the fighter's durability, resistance, and overall health. A high score in endurance means the fighter can take more hits before going down.

Intelligence: Important for characters using strategy and special abilities. It can affect things like decision-making, adaptability during fights, and the effectiveness of special abilities.

Energy: Refers to the power or intensity of a character's special abilities. For energy-based characters, this would be directly related to the power of their abilities. For others, it could represent something like their ability to maintain a high level of performance in a fight without tiring.

Technique: Represents the fighter's skill and proficiency in their specific fighting style. Affects the accuracy and effectiveness of their attacks.

Charisma: Represents a fighter's ability to intimidate, impress, or sway their opponents. Can affect things like an opponent's accuracy or the crowd's favor.

Luck: Adds an element of unpredictability to the game. Luck could influence things like critical hits, dodging attacks, or the outcome of certain special abilities.

Willpower: Represents a fighter's ability to push beyond their limits. Affects things like the effectiveness of their attacks when their health is low, or their resistance to status effects or mental attacks.

Resilience: Gauges a fighter's ability to recover from blows or regain stamina, which could be crucial in longer fights.


ApeX aren’t only dynamic NFTs, they are also nested NFTs.

What does this mean?
Unlike regular NFT collections where all layers of the NFT are unchangeable, each layer of an ApeX is a separate NFT.
This means complete customisation of the look of your ApeX NFT.
There are 4 layers of NFTs that can be nested to create the full look of your ApeX.

ApeX Layers

For Example:

If you don’t like the look of your ApeX eyes or want to enhance the rarity of your ApeX Weapon, no problem, buy a new weapon, or trade for a new weapon in the ApeX marketplace.

The nested functionality creates endless options for the future of ApeX.
We will be able to introduce new attributes for the ApeX characters continually, including partnering with top brands from around the world to offer exclusive branded attribute layers.

Choose and Change your Color

Another aspect of your NFT that is in your control is the color of your ApeX fur.
The color of your NFT will change over time depending on what they drink.

Default color for is brown but you can change the color to:

Ice Blue

Basic Roadmap

Base Layer NFT Mint

The first step in the ApeX journey will be minting a base layer NFT. The base layer NFTs are all the same. It is what you feed it and the attributes you obtain that will dictate the look and rarity and skill level of your ApeX.

Launch of ApeX Marketplace

Shortly after the NFT mint event, the ApeX NFT Marketplace will launch. This exclusive
Marketplace will allow people to buy and sell ApeX NFTs as well as trade NFT Attribute layer NFTs.

Food and Drink Airdrop and Marketplace Launch

Once the marketplace launches ApeX Food will also be available to purchase. How often and what you feed your NFT will dictate which body type your ApeX grows into, the rarity of its skillset and the color of its fur.

ApeX Fight Simulation Game Launch

The final phase will be the launch of the ApeX Ultimate Fighting Universe. This will be where you will be able to place your NFT in combat with other NFTs.

-NFT versus NFT in simulated combat with the winner determined based on a combination of fighter skills, health and a little luck.

-Winning fighters win fight purses.

-The higher ranking your fighter is, the bigger prizes they can win.

-Place wagers on your own fights or other fighters.

-Win exclusive NFT championship belts and other trophies.


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