Marketing Proposal - Content Creation


Hello, I'm Nagazi. In recent weeks through different groups an initiative has been starting to attract big content creators to the ecosystem to spread Polkadot. I've been working hard to contact some of the best Spanish-speaking creators related to finance, investments and cryptocurrencies. My work is to contact them, explain how governance and treasury work and help them throughout the process, both in the creation of the proposal itself and in the on-chain submission. For this work, the commission I request is 20%.

Until now we've been able to observe that work has been done on the community and education side of the ecosystem, but little has been done on attracting new users and investors. I think the time has come to expand the audience and reach as many people as possible. If we work as a team, some taking charge of attracting users and investors and others retaining and educating them, success is assured.

Therefore, I present Salvilla, content creator on finance and cryptocurrencies since 2021. His YouTube channel has 108k subscribers and 7M views. His Instagram account has 1.4M followers. On X he has 300k followers. And his Telegram channel has 4.6k subscribers.

Here I share the complete proposal.


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