“NacionCrypto” Establishment of Study Group and Development of Technical and Non-Technical Content.


Proponent: 165MzmiiedaSM7NAq1PmTAnAPj87rvLVbK4M8W4EniFs99zN

Date: November 2023

DOT Requested: 6053 equivalent to $32,867.69 USD. The DOT exchange rate will be determined at the time of submission, and any excess DOT will be refunded to the treasury.

Short Description: This funding request aims to secure financial support for the continued growth and sustainability of our activities, which have been ongoing for over three years. Our plan includes establishing a technical study group dedicated to Polkadot's technology, providing guides and video content in Spanish for both online and in-person students. Additionally, we will organize local meet-ups and diversify our outreach through a range of non-technical audiovisual content on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and X.


For more than three years, NacionCrypto has been committed to serving the Spanish-speaking community. We focus on forming blockchain study groups with local system engineering students in Colombian universities, organizing meet-ups, and creating technical guides in Spanish. Additionally, we cover important blockchain topics like interoperability and fundamental knowledge in our video content.

Our dedication to the Polkadot ecosystem is evident, constituting over 50% of our total YouTube non-technical content and nearly 100% of the spaces we host on X. To increase our impact, we aim to expand our team, improve our video production and marketing skills through training, and extend our in-person presence to more universities throughout Colombia.

Context of the Proposal

Hey hey! We are the NacionCrypto team. Over the past several years, we've dedicated ourselves to tirelessly working with the Spanish-speaking community. Our journey began by creating videos focusing on fundamental blockchain topics, interoperability, DOT and KSM staking, and providing information on parachains.

In addition, we've had the privilege of interviewing Parity members, Parachains team members, and other influential figures within the Polkadot ecosystem. It's worth mentioning that two core members of our team are also proud members of Kappa Sigma Mu – we are literally inked with the Kusama logo (you can check out the proof ink in this video: https://youtu.be/zAeScrBav7M?si=CkTEXn9wPtBAjPX9).

While we are inspired by the current students in our technical study group, we acknowledge the necessity for a broader reach and increased efforts to cultivate a highly capable generation of developers within our country. That's why we're eager to do more.

In recent months, we've actively facilitated and hosted biweekly spaces on X, yielding great results. This success has inspired us to double down on our efforts in this regard as well.

For these reasons, we propose two fronts in our proposal:

First, we want to create exclusive Polkadot meet-ups in different cities in Colombia to enrich our technical study group. We will conclude these efforts with audiovisual and text-based guides to support future generations of students and to expand to cities and countries where we don't have a presence yet.

Second, we will double down on both quantity and quality in our audiovisual content on YouTube, Instagram, and X.


Our team consists of three founders, each bringing highly valuable and diverse skill sets to the table. These skills range from technical expertise for managing our validator nodes to business development and audiovisual production. In addition, we've welcomed three more team members who contribute their talents in graphic design, scouting speakers for our X spaces, and assisting with numerous daily tasks.

Over the years, we have continuously sought to learn and implement engaging practices to enhance our content, and we've achieved some notable results. However, we acknowledge that there is still much room for improvement and growth.

The proposal aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Organize six local meetups.
  2. Establish a technical study group with a focus on Polkadot’s technology, complemented by the creation of audiovisual and text-based guides.
  3. Host 24 spaces on X.
  4. Produce 12 YouTube long-form non-technical videos and 12 short videos customized for three different platforms.
  • The local meet-ups will aim to attract, though not exclusively, local developers.
  • The studying group will concentrate on students with different programming language backgrounds.
  • The spaces will showcase updates, news, and insights from the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. They will also highlight the innovations introduced by various
    Parachains and their influence on end users.
  • The audiovisual content will enhance the efforts in the spaces by incorporating visual tools to engage and connect with newcomers in the community.

General Goals.

Establishing a vibrant technical community centered around Polkadot's technology in Colombia.
Creating original, exciting, and relevant content.
Spread awareness of the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem to new members in the Spanish-speaking community.
Build a strong community by engaging and connecting.
Inspire other content creators to explore the depths of the ecosystem.
Show the community the exciting tools being developed within the ecosystem.

Specific Proposal Goals.

Increased our reach within the developer community in Colombia.
Create a workflow that allows us to host more IRL events.
Recruit the skill sets we are missing for non-technical video content (Titles, Scripting, Thumbnails).
Create a workflow that enables us to produce more content.
Continue working on our cash flow strategies outside the treasury.
Expand our general reach.
Enhance the quality of our content.

Budget and cost distribution.


Before delving into the budget distribution, let's make a side note. The values assigned to the content of our deliverables in the following tables are intended to provide transparency regarding how the funds are allocated. However, we acknowledge that pricing individual pieces of content might not be the optimal approach for the treasury. We prioritize the community and its funds, and thus, a significant portion of the requested funds is allocated directly to training and enhancing the skills of our team, with the aim of ensuring the creation and delivery of the highest possible quality. Further details on this aspect can be found at the end of the proposal under "Work Strategy."

You can check the full proposal here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jKFbDNGuUQ2gQfY_ykpMzb_EKf0WKfJ_cFEjrzaQTa8/edit


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