Abstract: The Bitcoin Army's Orinoco Campaign - Quality Content Creation and P2P support

After receiving feedback during the discussion period, we have rewritten the proposal in a more straightforward and clear manner.

Hi Polkadot Community! Did you know? Two key areas for improvement in Polkadot are increasing its ecosystem TVL and enhancing network utilization.

on YouTube: Bitcoin Army a relatively young channel born during the Bear Market. Currently, despite having fewer than 1000 subscribers, we achieve an outreach rate of up to +3000 views on some non-speculative videos Polkadot related, and an impressive engagement level compared to "larger channels in subscribers" but averaging less than 200 visits compared to ours.

Focus on the Spanish-speaking community (over 500 million), engaging in content creation, peer-to-peer support

Our Team:

-Yovanny Renaud: Polkadot Senior Ambassador, Acala & RMRK Junior Ambassador.

-Domenico: Polkadot and Acala Ambassador.

-Gonzalo: Equilibrium Ambassador.

-Willy: DeFi specialist.

In the past, we developed combined operations like Fenix to manage the delicate situation with aUSD, and also Tibet to integrate strategies across multiple Parachains such as ACALA, Parallel, and Moonbeam.

Once those missions are created and the video is published, a peer-to-peer (P2P) support starts in our public Telegram. We even sent initial gas from our own treasury to new users to motivate them to carry out operations frictionless.

Our big aim? Attracting liquidity to increase Polkadot's Total Value Locked using many strategies previously studied by our core team, through gaming vibes with a military touch.

The required funds are intended to cover three main areas:

-At least 2 high-quality videos per month, totaling a minimum of 12 videos -> US$ 6,912

-P2P support for the next 6 months (US$ 332.5 * 4 members * 6 months) -> US$ 7,980

-Allocation of a percentage to our treasury to ensure long-term sustainability -> US$ 2,148

Bonus: at least 5 promotional Shorts of special operations, for a total of at least 17 pieces of content.

Total Requested Funds: we are seeking $17,040 <-> 3463 DOTs at a rate of $4,92 using EMA30 as of the moment this proposal is being written. to cover all costs in the mentioned areas for a 6-month working period.


-User satisfaction percentage through monthly public surveys must exceed 7 on a 1-10 scale.

-The related videos must exceed the channel's monthly average views by at least 30%.

-The treasury fund for self-sustainability must exceed its calculated value in DOTs by at least 30% compared to the initial fund.

If you have time to read in detail our action plan and immerse yourself in the channel's experience through gaming vibes with a military touch, we invite you to review our detailed action plan in the FULL PROPOSAL by following the link below:


Depending only on end-users donations for the long run? Tough. Plus, hitting up Centralized Exchanges? Goes against our grain. We're banking on trust and generosity to help us keep growing sustainably. Your support means a lot to us!

We are ready to address any questions or concerns to achieve maximum transparency and trust.

With honor,

The Polkadot Battalion within the Bitcoin Army.


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