Marketing Bounty Proposal



Some current issues related to marketing proposals:

● Insufficiently robust investment in marketing about the Polkadot ecosystem diminishes the general crypto community's interest in the ecosystem, as well as reducing the appeal for developers to engage in building projects.

● Diverse marketing qualities and perspectives within the ecosystem, especially among significant stakeholders, generate unwarranted negativity.

● Varying values presented in different proposals create significant disparities when balancing budgets.

● Low-quality proposals and lack of verification lead to the potential for fraudulent activities.

Furthermore, there are certain risks and potential benefits directly impacting the Polkadot ecosystem behind these proposals, which the general community might not spend much time researching, and still make voting decisions, resulting in inefficiencies.


The goal of marketing bounty is to reward marketing teams/entities for their effort and bring enormous traction for the whole Polkadot ecosystem, push Polkadot back to the top list and become a real “community protocol".

In this proposal, we are proposing a set of 8 main curators who will be responsible to curate marketing-related proposals with different categories:

(1) Approach new target audience/users.

(2) Retain Polkadot ecosystem lovers, daily users.

(3) Educate, and produce tutorial contents for users/developers.

(4) Manage local communities (ecosystem update/users support/developers engagement).

(5) Amplify branding for high-trusted ecosystem agents.

(6) Sponsorship for specific occasions (F1 Race, Super Bowl, etc).

(7) One time campaign (1 specific event generated by several influencers).

In this proposal, we are proposing a set of 8 main curators who will be responsible to curate marketing-related activities with multisig using pure proxy via MultiX. We also propose a compensation rate for weekly management. However, within the curator set, some individuals will hold positions as significant investors and they will have the option to return a portion of their received reward from the multisig fund after a specified period.

All 8 curators will manage the funds using a multisig with pure proxy via MultiX. The threshold is set to 4 out of 8 for a child-bounty to get released. Conflicts of interests are addressed in the proposals with feedback from various Polkadot core contributors.


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