Slush 2024: bring a cadre of investors and founders to Polkadot.


Let's connect Polkadot with startup founders in Slush 2024!


Challenge: As Polkadot enthusiasts, we know the transformative power of this technology. But outside the blockchain bubble, Polkadot's potential remains undiscovered by many entrepreneurs and investors. This presents a critical opportunity: Slush 2024, Europe's largest startup event, happening November 20-21 in Helsinki.


Mission: Imagine thousands of tech-savvy individuals exposed to the possibilities of Web3 and Polkadot's pioneering infrastructure. We can unite Polkadot with Slush's vibrant network, empower founders to build the future with Web3, and position Polkadot as a leading force in the startup ecosystem.


Join the Brainstorm!

To make this impactful collaboration a reality, we need your ideas and expertise. Share your thoughts on:

  • Engaging Activities: From interactive demonstrations and roundtable discussions to compelling workshops and engaging side events, what can we do to captivate investors and founders?
  • Meaningful Connections: How can we facilitate organic interactions between Polkadot and the Slush community, both online and offline?
  • Impactful Messaging: What narrative will resonate with tech entrepreneurs and investors, showcasing Polkadot's unique value proposition?

Together, we can create a partnership that benefits both Polkadot and the broader Web3 ecosystem. Share your ideas in the comments below, and let's bring Polkadot to the forefront of Slush 2024!


Expected outcome: This partnership could have a huge direct impact on Polkadot. We can reach thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, volunteers and media representatives at once. These new people, coming mainly from outside of the crypto bubble, would inject vitality and diversity to the ecosystem and increase the reach and quality of Polkadot. Ideally, Polkadot is portrayed as the most visible blockchain partner in the Slush Network.


Key metrics to measure:

  • % of Slush-goers recognizing the Polkadot brand afterwards.
  • # of additional articles, news, videos and blog posts published about Polkadot.
  • # of entrepreneurs and teams from the Slush network ready to build on Polkadot.
  • $ value of investments flowing into Polkadot-related projects.
  • # of new OpenGov proposals from the contacts originating in Slush.


Budget: It’s too early to say how much this all would cost, but depending on what’s included and how big we want it to be, it could be anywhere between 50-500K €.


Key Points:

  • Opportunity: Slush 2024 offers access to thousands of potential collaborators and investors.
  • Mission: Increase Polkadot's visibility, attract promising startups, and solidify its position as a builder-friendly blockchain.
  • Your Role: Share your ideas on engaging activities, fostering connections, and crafting impactful messaging.
  • Join the Movement: Contribute to shaping a proposal for Polkadot OpenGov and help make this vision a reality.

Better yet, if you're interested in joining the core team, comment below and let's collaborate! Once we have a good enough plan and a dedicated core team of 3-5 people, we'll write up a proper proposal for OpenGov. In the meantime, we'll check available partnership opportunities and related costs with the Slush organizers.

I am ready to act as a kickstarter, connector and storyteller to get things started, and I can be your boots on the ground, but I need you to roll up your sleeves and bring in your ideas. Let's build momentum! Share your thoughts in the comments below or contact me directly. This won't fly without you.


Tomi Astikainen

Polkadot Ambassador, Finland


PS. Check out the Slush 2023 Aftermovie for the vibes!

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