Polkadot-API: development financing


Hi everyone,

As many of you might already know, Polkadot-API is a project conceived to build upon and surpass the foundational achievements of the PolkadotJs project. At its essence, Polkadot-API is a meticulously crafted suite of libraries, each designed to be composable, modular, and fundamentally aligned with a "light-client first" philosophy. Our overarching mission is to empower dApp developers by equipping them with a comprehensive array of tools, pivotal for the creation of truly decentralized applications. This initiative places a strong focus on elevating the developer experience.

The Polkadot-API development team is now seeking financing for the maintenance and development of Polkadot-API through treasury proposals. This post is here to gather your feedback on the proposal before submission on chain.

You can find all the details of the proposal here.

Thank you for reading

Polkadot-API Dev Team (Victor and Josep)

PS: The Github repository is, at the time of writing this message, still located under the paritytech org. However, it's in the process of being transferred to the polkadot-api GH org.

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