Bounty Proposal: Business Development Polkadot in Spain & Andorra




Date: 08/02/2024


Allocation Request: 15,000 DOT

Proposed Curator reward:  10% of the total requested allocation.

Short Description: Create a Bounty in Spain & Andorra to attract potential partners and business in Spain & Andorra to the Polkadot ecosystem.


Context: This incentive program aims to attract potential clients located in Spain and Andorra to integrate them into the Polkadot ecosystem. We aim for these clients to build a Parachain, develop a Dapp, or create a plug-in through an existing Parachain, thus meeting the specific needs of their use cases.


Crypto in Spain: Spain is swiftly emerging as a leader in cryptocurrency adoption inside its financial landscape, driven by a powerful trifecta of increased awareness, accessibility, and regulatory advancements. Spaniards are embracing digital assets, utilizing them for everyday transactions and long-term investment ventures.


Our Team: We have formed a competitive team by leveraging the diverse skills of each member. Our approach involves bringing the expertise accumulated over the years into the ecosystem, drawing from prior connections with top companies in the country. Additionally, we are incorporating the individual business experiences of each team member into this proposal. This ensures a well-rounded and capable team, ready to contribute effectively and make a significant impact.

Problem Statement: Polkadot represents highly advanced technology capable of propelling new solutions in the digital world. Within our ecosystem, we understand its potential; however, a gap exists: this potential isn’t effectively communicated beyond it, and many individuals or businesses have yet to discover its full capabilities.

In Spain and Andorra, many opportunities exist for Polkadot to showcase its abilities, but these opportunities are quickly diminishing. Other networks are actively vying for them. This bounty aims to incentivize team members to attract new business to the Polkadot ecosystem. Regular payments will be offered throughout its duration, with additional rewards granted upon converting potential clients into actual businesses for Polkadot.

Proposal Objective: We aim to establish the Polkadot ecosystem as the premier blockchain provider in these three countries, attracting leads and converting them into builders or clients. We concentrate on bolstering Polkadot's presence within Spain's blockchain technology sphere. Our goal is to transform individuals and businesses interested in tokenization, decentralized applications, and more, into active collaborators or developers within the Polkadot system.

Our Strategy: Our strategy involves conducting in-person meetings, offering workshops with technical staff, and utilizing communication channels to transition these contacts into tangible products.

Our commitment is to provide at least 4 qualified leads. 

Some of the businesses we made contact with during events this year:



Strategy & Milestones:


Dynamic Business Development Programme: 6 months Plan


  1. Identify and secure potential clients interested in utilizing Polkadot for their projects.
  2. Establish strong relationships with clients, supporting them in the successful adoption of Polkadot.
  3. Position our team as a strategic and reliable partner within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Prospecting and Outreach Phase (Months 1-3)

Research and Prospecting 

(Month 1)

  1. Identify business sectors and projects with potential for Polkadot integration.
  2. Initiate direct contact with potential clients, highlighting the benefits of Polkadot.

Meetings and Requirement Analysis 

(Month 2)

  1. Schedule exploratory meetings to understand clients' specific needs.
  2. Analyze how Polkadot can benefit and align with their business objectives.
  3. Host event and exclusive meetings for companies.
  4. Be involved in differents web3 events to stablish strong network.

Proposal and Persuasion 

(Month 3)

  1. Present specific Polkadot solutions tailored to identified needs.
  2. Convince potential clients of the benefits and value of using Polkadot.

Implementation and Support (Months 4-6)

Integration and Initial Support 

(Month 4)

  1. Assist clients in the initial integration process within the Polkadot environment.
  2. Provide technical support and resources for a smooth transition.

Monitoring and Continuous Improvement 

(Month 5)

  1. Conduct regular follow-ups to assess progress and client satisfaction.
  2. Identify areas for improvement and provide additional solutions if necessary.

Optimization and Expansion 

Periodic Evaluation, Growth, and Consolidation 

(Month 6)

  1. Enhance existing solutions based on client feedback.
  2. Expand the reach of the identified potential client portfolio.
  3. Conduct periodic assessments of customer satisfaction and adjust strategies accordingly.
  4. Maintain an agile approach, reevaluating strategies based on market trends and customer feedback for continuous improvement.

Continuous Monitoring and Adaptability:

  1. Continuously evaluate satisfaction and adjust strategies. This process is ongoing, starting anew with each new client to ensure continuous improvement.


Parachains ready to support our business development efforts:

Rewards: Rewards are based on goals achieved.

Curators: We propose as curators Nick Dunford, Ben Sheppard and Ezio Rojas.

Q&A: Our proposal aligns with the recently approved BD Bounty in Brazil, reflecting our confidence in its effectiveness. We encourage similar proposals in other regions. Regarding the idea of a global bounty, we believe that coordinating an effort of such magnitude would be immensely challenging and potentially counterproductive. Experienced Curators will expedite progress, with rewards contingent on successful agreements and surplus reinvested in Polkadot's treasury.

Regarding rewards in DOT, we see it as a commitment to the ecosystem, boosting cryptocurrency liquidity and adoption transparently. While some may perceive it as capitalizing on short-term growth, the fees are set in USD for transparency, allowing token holders to choose between USD or DOT. Ultimately, the proposal's value will be subject to a community vote.

Full proposal here.

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