ETHDenver 2024 - Polkadot - Event Recap Video Marketing - Amplify Presence at One of the Largest Blockchain Conferences






ETHDenver is one of the largest blockchain conferences in the world.  We're proposing that Tiger Mode Media amplify Polkadot's presence at the conference to a worldwide audience with content that transforms your event participation into a valuable asset for both mainstream media and crypto media leverage.  With our unique blend of cinematic artistry, proven track record, and deep Web3 literacy, we offer an unparalleled content creation service.


Why Choose Tiger Mode Media?


•Cinematic Look: We utilize anamorphic lenses (when called for) to deliver that cinematic look reminiscent of your favorite movies. This not only sets your content apart others but ensures it leaves a lasting, high-end impression.  (Anamorphic use subject to what's best for the shot)


•Award-Winning Creativity: Our pedigree includes contributions to Emmy-winning work, such as the "Best Commercial" for Nike's "Dream Crazy". This level of recognition underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation in every project.


•Web3 Literate Production: As blockchain developers ourselves, with proficiency in React, NextJS, and blockchain literacy (smart contracts, consensus mechanisms, etc) we bring a nuanced understanding of the medium. This insider perspective allows us to craft messages that resonate deeply within the blockchain community, enhancing the relevance and impact of your content.


Samples of our work can be found here:


Our Comprehensive Service Package:



•Discovery video call with community to align vision and objectives

•Detailed planning and asset generation for a seamless shoot



•Two camera operators for dynamic coverage

•Anamorphic and spherical zoom lenses

•Multi-cam setup for comprehensive event capture

•Professional sound recording



•Dedicated editor for fast turnaround

•Color correction

•Audio mixing

•After Effects logo animation for brand enhancement




•One full day of filming

•Flagship event-recap video (2-3 day turnaround)

•Full exports of every talk or interview we film (in addition to the event-recap video, if applicable)

•Social media photos


Budget and Milestones:


•Total Budget:  1000 DOT for this complete package

•Milestone 1 - 500 DOT:  Approval of this proposal (your deposit)

•Milestone 2 - 500 DOT:  Completion of deliverables


Due to the nature of this type of service, there will only be two milestones...  The team can request more days of coverage under the same terms.


What Sets Our Event-Recap Videos Apart?

Our event-recaps transcend mere showcasing to significantly amplify your presence at ETHDenver. With over three years of experience as ETHDenver veterans, we capture the essence of your participation—from booth activities and special events to vibrant community interactions—crafting a compelling narrative that underscores your impact and innovation.


Our track record includes delivering bespoke content for trending projects in blockchain.  Furthermore, we have in the past spearheaded coordinated memorable marketing experiences, such as co-marketing with Deadmau5 for one of ETHDenver's most unforgettable developer community after-parties. With Tiger Mode Media, your project is not just seen; it's remembered.


Call to Action:

Secure your spot with Tiger Mode Media and ensure your project shines at ETHDenver. With our schedule filling up rapidly, we urge you to act swiftly.


Flexibility Promise:

Understanding the dynamic nature of live events, we remain adaptable to accommodate your needs, ensuring a smooth and responsive collaboration throughout.


At Tiger Mode Media, we’re not just creating videos; we’re generating valuable assets that can help amplify your message across multiple mediums, from social media to news outlets to proprietary channels. Let’s make ETHDenver 2024 a landmark moment for Polkadot.


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