Marketing Report: Ecosystem growth campaigns by Lunar Strategy


Marketing Report: Ecosystem growth campaigns by Lunar Strategy

In the crypto space, there is a time to build, and there is a time to put the spotlight on what has been created within the ecosystem.

Right now, in the bull market, is the time to showcase the great projects, builders, and an activity taking place in the Polkadot ecosystem.

We are excited to submit our first marketing transparency report from the initial campaigns that Lunar Strategy launched for Polkadot’s ecosystem growth.

In the report, we provide details of various aspects of the campaigns, including some examples.

📌 Here you can see the full campaign report:

Our approach to influencer marketing

We use metric tools like Social Blade to evaluate the followers’ quality of the KOLs.

This is done to ensure that the investment is worth it since the number of followers does not always indicate that their promotions are worth more.

We are working to find KOLs that have genuine engagement and are primarily focused on creating educational content in various forms.

In our campaigns, we mainly measure:

  • Engagement levels
  • Type of content
  • CPM

This tracking process also takes into account different tiers of KOLs.

Tier-1 and tier-2 KOLs, whose posts kick off the campaign, usually take a premium price.

Then, we amplify with lower-tier KOLs to get a better CPM at a more affordable price, meaning that each campaign is cost-effective.

We evaluate the collaborations based on the quality of the content, reach, and CPM.

Our team creates monthly collaboration plans based on the results from previous campaigns after reviewing and analysing such metrics as comments, likes, and reposts to understand their influence better and stay agile with our strategies.

Finally, we negotiate long-term deals for Polkadot with the influencers proven to be the most effective.

Main KOLs

The benefit of the main KOLs is that they bring validation, voice, and opinion. Even if you do not like them personally, they have a cult following who listens.

By having them talk about the ecosystem/project, we get more people talking about it organically. These KOLs charge a premium, but you also get a premium quality of content and association with the most authoritative voices in the space.

Amplification KOLs

The amplification KOLs boost important posts at a cheaper CPM than the main KOLs. These guys are good, as they also have a reputable voice but a smaller audience.

This means we can use collaborations with them in quantity to amplify the big news from the Polkadot ecosystem as well as the main KOLs’ posts at a cheaper CPM cost.

These are mainly some DeFi researchers, educators, and smaller content creators.

An example is the Altcoin daily post, which initially had 170k views. Once our amplification army had gone live, it had over 500k views.

If you have an influencer/KOL that you want to nominate, then feel free to email: [email protected] with the subject: “Polkadot Influencer Nominate:”

We will make sure to review and reach out to that influencer to see if we can broker a deal with this person.


Some of the best-performing posts from the campaign: 

Free goodwill posts from influencers:


Why Lunar Strategy?

We are a leading European KOL/Influencer marketing firm in the space since 2019 and worked with 500+ influencers on X (Twitter) and YouTube. We have been running ecosystem growth campaigns for other leading ecosystems in the past.

Currently, we have 4 team members from our agency working on creating narratives, creating content, negotiating deals, signing contracts, reviewing/approving content, reporting and reviewing the data, and engagement.

Lunar Strategy has also built strong relationships with multiple key parties within the Polkadot ecosystem. This gives us feedback on narratives and storytelling while improving our marketing initiatives.


Whats next for Polkadot ecosystem growth?

The Polkadot community wants to hold influencers and agencies accountable for the work and investment that the Polkadot community is doing in them. Therefore the marketing bounty board was created.

You can submit proposals here:

This process involves a group of agencies and marketers who will review and evaluate proposals, focusing on their potential value to the Polkadot ecosystem in both the short and long term.

Proposals will then be approved or rejected based on these evaluations. After approval, the marketing bounty will hold agencies accountable for their delivery and reporting, ensuring that marketing investments are executed as proposed.

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