Proposal: Codigo Brazuca + Polkadot Brazil - Tech Academy - from Basic to Advanced - 8 Months Track


Proponent: Codigo Brazuca + Polkadot Brazil

Requested Amount: 96.600 USD

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Short description:

An 8 to 10-month academy focusing on Polkadot technology represents a pivotal strategic initiative to accelerate the adoption and expansion of the Polkadot ecosystem. This academy will not only provide access to high-quality educational curriculum tailored to the nuances and specific applications of Polkadot blockchain technology but will also act as a catalyst for nurturing new proficient developers within this platform. By offering comprehensive training that spans from basic to advanced concepts, participants will gain the necessary skills to innovate and make significant contributions to the ecosystem. Furthermore, this initiative is poised to foster a stronger and more diverse developer community, empowering professionals to tackle complex challenges and develop innovative decentralized solutions. The expected impact includes not only enlarging the talent pool of technically adept individuals to work with Polkadot but also strengthening the network, promoting innovation, and accelerating the adoption of blockchain technologies across various industries.



With the number of developers in Brazil increasing and the country positioning itself as an expanding market in the blockchain technology scene, emerging technologies such as Solana, Avalanche, Ethereum, Cosmos, and Polygon view Brazil as fertile ground for innovation and adoption. However, a common challenge faced by all these technologies is the scarcity of qualified developers or a solid base of developers familiar with their specific programming languages and SDKs.


The Need

We have identified a critical need to expand the base of skilled developers in Brazil, not just to meet current demand but also to position the country as a leader in the development of innovative blockchain solutions. The programming language Rust, along with Polkadot's SDK in Substrate and the programming language Ink!, are specific areas where the demand for skills significantly exceeds supply.


The Proposal: Polkadot Development Academy

In response to this need, the Brazilian Business Development team of Polkadot, funded by a specific referendum, in conjunction with the Technological Training School Código Brazuca, proposes the creation of an academy dedicated to attracting and training developers in Polkadot technology. This program aims to equip participants with knowledge ranging from the basics of programming and algorithms to advanced development in Rust, using Polkadot's SDK in Substrate, and programming in the new PolkaVM language.



Program Objectives

The program aims to train between 100 developers highly skilled in Polkadot technology, divided into teaching modalities:


Online: Targeted at 75 participants, offering flexibility and accessibility for those unable to participate in person.

In-person: Providing 25 spots for those who prefer or benefit more from a classroom learning experience.


Expected Impact

The initiative seeks not only to fill the existing gap of qualified developers in emerging blockchain technologies in Brazil but also to stimulate innovation and the development of projects that can place the country at the forefront of blockchain technology. By doing so, we aim to contribute significantly to economic and technological growth and position Brazil as a center of excellence in blockchain.


Importance for Business and Partnerships

This initiative is also critically important for businesses and the establishment of partnerships with companies looking to develop on Polkadot and its ecosystem. By creating a skilled pool of developers familiar with Polkadot's technology, we are enabling the foundation for robust business collaborations and innovative projects. Partnerships with companies are essential for applying the developed skills in real-world scenarios, thereby fostering the growth of the Polkadot ecosystem and providing tangible benefits to the Brazilian economy through technology transfer, job creation, and enhanced technological capabilities.



The collaboration between Polkadot's Brazilian Business Development team and Código Brazuca represents a strategic and innovative step to address the challenge of the shortage of qualified developers in Brazil. With a clear focus on developing competencies in Rust, Substrate, and PolkaVM, this academy promises not only to train the next generation of blockchain experts in Brazil but also to open doors for new technological and economic development opportunities in the country. This effort will be pivotal in enhancing business opportunities and fostering partnerships that will drive the future of blockchain technology in Brazil and beyond.

Developers in Brazil

The software developer community in Brazil is one of the most vibrant and rapidly growing in the world, reflecting the growing importance of technology and innovation in the Brazilian economy and society. With a robust technological ecosystem, Brazil has stood out not only in Latin America but globally as a significant hub for information technology talent and software development.


Size and Growth

Although specific figures may vary according to different sources, it is estimated that Brazil has over 400,000 software developers, with forecasts indicating continued growth in this number. This is partly due to investments in technological education and the increasing interest of younger generations in technology-related careers.


Education and Training

Brazil boasts a strong network of higher education and technical institutions offering courses related to information technology, including software development, computer science, and computer engineering. Additionally, there's a proliferation of bootcamps, online courses, and training programs that facilitate the rapid development of specific programming and technology skills, enabling more people to enter the profession.


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About Código Brazuca

The "Código Brazuca" is an edtech initiative born with the purpose of transforming lives and making a real impact on our society. Created by professionals who have been working in the technology market for over 20 years, it focuses today on a program that not only trains the workforce but also prepares individuals for the challenges of the current world.

We select people at risk in underserved communities and their surroundings, placing them in classrooms with professional training programs lasting from 6 to 10 months. Throughout this journey, everyone learns programming logic, Python programming, financial education, family planning, market types, personal and corporate soft skills, entrepreneurship, learning how to study, current technologies, and mainly web 3 with blockchains.

Our differential is our KPI of 85% each completed class, where developers have already been employed in technology companies. Therefore, students who often enter the program with the sole expectation of learning a new profession leave with their lives transformed, ready to apply their knowledge in their personal lives, surroundings, and jobs.

To sustain the operation of the Código Brazuca Program, we rely on investments from companies and individuals, to cover locations, specialized technical staff, training with our educational method, transportation for all students in the course, including their daily meals, and classroom equipment.

Our main purpose is to Transform Lives through technology education, thus generating jobs and new perspectives and qualified labor for the national and international job market.

Additionally, the company works on projects focused on web3, ranging from creating on-chain and off-chain solutions to operating in the dapps development, metaverse experiences, and education markets.

Report from 2023: Report Codigo Brazuca.pdf


The Main Staff Codigo Brazuca

Antônio Marcelo -  CEO of Código Brazuca and an education specialist. He has been working with Linux since 1996, focusing on infrastructure and education. He is the author of approximately 11 books on Linux, Apache, Linux Security, Squid, Postfix, and System Administration in Brazil. He worked in information security from 1999 to 2006.

He has been involved in various web3 projects since 2022, serving as an advisor on metaverse projects, tokenization, and setting up infrastructure for Blockchain. He ran two nodes for 10 months on Kusama and Polkadot. He is a speaker and biz dev at the Blockchain Festival.

He is responsible for Código Brazuca, an education project that has been operating since 2021, training developers and devops in web3 technologies. He is currently an ambassador for CESS (a project based on Polkadot technology) and Akash Insider project from Cosmos Ecosystem. LinkedIn:

Priscilla Baeta - COO of Código Brazuca and a project development specialist. She has worked in project development, education, and research for over 10 years for YouTube Brazil and Ubisoft (in various game franchises such as Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, and Tom Clancy). She has been giving lectures and classes on the Web 3 and Blockchain market since 2021. He got a bachelor's degree  in Pedagogy at Estácio de Sá University

She is the lead Voxel artist and research manager for Arcology Brazil, launched by The Sandbox in September 2023, and several metaverses on SPATIAL for business, networking, and gaming purposes. She also works with NFTs and Blockchain games since 2021. She serves as a BizDevOps in Blockchain and web 3 projects in the Brazilian ecosystem. She got a bachelor's degree in Design and Fashion at Veiga de Almeida University.


Armando Iazzetta - CFO of Código Brazuca and governance specialist. Armando has over 20 years of experience in the infrastructure sector, 15 of them among the energy industry, leading and participating in more than 4 GW of hydroelectric, wind, solar and biomass projects in Brazil and abroad, throughout the entire project life cycle, from greenfield until disinvestment, and was part of the team whose worked with Aneel developing DG regulation in 2012. Armando has worked also in Infrastructure Construction and Real Estate industries. He has worked for two of the biggest construction companies in Brazil, for a Private Equity Fund, a Generation Facility and as a consultant.He got a bachelor’s degree as a Civil Engineer at Mackenzie University, with MBA in Business Management (FGV), Specialization in Regulation and Business in the Electricity Sector (FGV), Board Member Preparation (Fundação Dom Cabral), Specialization in Controllership and Finance (FIPECAFI), MBA in PPPs and Concessions (FESPSP), Financial Modelling and Valuation Analysis (CFI), Specialization in Bankruptcy Trustee (TJ-RJ), and Advanced English and Spanish.





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