StellaSwap Incentive Program


Proponent Address: 126AevKcm3RXJazGQWKYwtRvpjMmCBGV5W6LWeWLEc17YQ2n

Requested Amount: 1,000,000 DOT

Date: 07-03-24

Short Description: Liquidity incentive program to attract liquidity and users into the Polkadot ecosystem and deepen market depth to kickstart flywheel effects to the rest of the network.


  • Primary Goal: Grow DeFi Activity (active users, transactions, TVL) on Polkadot

  • Project Description: StellaSwap is a highly-efficient, integrated DEX that features a standard, stable and concentrated liquidity AMM to facilitate the most optimal price discovery for assets on Polkadot

  • Requested DOT Grant Amount: 1,000,000 DOT

  • Use of Grant: The ecosystem grant will be used to grow & deepen the market depth of strategic assets for widespread utility across the Polkadot ecosystem. The effectiveness of grants via StellaSwap can be quantified via our efficiency rate, which multiples the market depth beyond our target TVL goal

  • Motivation for Grant Amount: Liquidity depth is a necessary requirement for a robust and efficient marketplace that powers the ecosystem. StellaSwap accounts for the highest trading volume in Polkadot - both cumulative & daily - and DOT grants will foster much deeper liquidity for users and help accelerate the DeFi flywheel effect by increasing network activity and exposure

Full Proposal doc Here

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