Semi-Retroactive & Ongoing Funding for Cryptopolitan for Media Boost, Engagement, and Reach 2024


Cryptopolitan has been at the forefront of blockchain and cryptocurrency journalism, providing millions worldwide with Breaking News and insightful educational content and fostering a vibrant community. With a readership of 11 million+, our platform stands as a testament to quality and reliability in the digital asset space. Over the years, we've established a formidable presence, covering thousands of Breaking News, crafting hundreds of insightful articles, in-depth analyses, and engaging multimedia content, all while building a trusted brand recognized for its quality and reliability.

Cryptopolitan was conceived and has flourished on the foundation of self-funding, growing our team, and achieving financial stability through thoughtful monetization strategies like Targeted Native Ads.

Monetarily, this proposal mainly aims to create content assets that help take Polkadot’s mission forward and its ecosystem product’s adoption to the next level.

Please read the proposal here.


Cryptopolitan is committed to demystifying the complexities of the crypto world for a global audience. Our mission is to make cryptocurrency news & blockchain tech basics accessible & understandable to everyone. We offer a diverse range of content—from covering news across Funding, Partnerships, Feature Releases, Token Launches, and Interviews to advanced token-price analysis, how-to guides, and tech deep dives for seasoned enthusiasts.

Established in 2018, over all these years, Cryptopolitan has emerged as a pivotal source of reliable and comprehensive information, boasting a monthly readership of 11 million people worldwide. Our approach is always to focus on factual, insightful content that educates and informs. This strategy has not only fostered a trusting relationship with our audience but has also contributed significantly to the broader adoption and understanding of blockchain technology.

Our dedication to education and clarity has naturally aligned us with the values and vision of the blockchain communities we serve. With Cryptopolitan, we envision a world where information about digital currencies and blockchain is as accessible and comprehensible as traditional financial news.

Note: Our on-chain identity is in approval, twitter is pending and should be done shortly.

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