Uniting the Community: Igniting Change with DED's Bounty System

Example of DED bounties

I write this with a vision, a vision of transformation, and a vision of uniting the Polkadot community. I acknowledge the shortfalls of DED, but I refuse to let negativity drown our potential. Instead, I see an opportunity—a possibility to rise above the chaos.

DED, the meme coin that sparked controversy, now holds within it the seeds of change. It can be more than just a token; it can be a call to action for our community. Let me paint you a picture of what could be.

Imagine a community vibrant with activity, where memes and jokes break through the brick wall of technical jargon around the Polkadot ecosystem. DED doesn't have to be just another shitcoin; it can be a symbol of our creativity, our resilience, and our unity. With DED, we can create a new channel for people to become a part of the Polkadot ecosystem.

Let's embrace our unique identity. Polkadot was once dubbed the Ethereum killer, and DED carried the torch with #DOTisDED. Now, let's take it a step further. Let's make DED the MEMEcoin killer. Picture it: PEPEisDED, INUisDED, DOGEisDED—the point is the possibilities are endless.

But this vision can only become a reality if we breathe life into DED. We all hold DED tokens, a reminder that we should all be a part of this mission. We can use that to jumpstart the system, and sustained activity will undoubtedly attract new users who will need to buy DOT to get DED.

Moreover, we need to shift the conversation from price to utility. DED shouldn't be kept for its price—unless we do something now to reignite the token. The bad press it received has written "scam" across the web—some tokens never recover from such a bad reception. Instead, let's make it about action. Use DED bounties to incentivize positive behavior, to fight off scammers, and to reward those who contribute to our growth.

Together, we can create a circular economy for DED where scammers are met with DED hunters taking action against them, and where relationships are strengthened as a community through shared interests. I've spoken with many people who say we need "marketing," but I think there's enough "marketing" going on—we need a campaign that drives daily discussion. With community-led bounties, we'll have clients offering rewards and hunters taking action in mass.

After this discussion, I intend to make a proposal that will provide me with help to get this idea off the ground and onto the web. With appropriate resources, web applications can be built to make it an automated, user-friendly, and secure system. Please consider how desperately Polkadot needs another basket to put some eggs in, dedicated to strengthening community engagement. Let me know your thoughts and feel free to ask any questions.

Thank you for reading if you got this far.

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