Polkadot UX Bounty


Context of the Proposal

Braille, the Polkadot UX Guild, and OpenGovWatch have identified a pressing need for improved user experience (UX) within the Polkadot ecosystem. Despite the network's advanced technical capabilities, the user interfaces and overall user experience are not on equivalent with what is currently available on other chains in the web3 space. This discrepancy not only hinders user engagement but also significantly impacts the adoption rates across the ecosystem.


This proposal aims to secure funding to address and resolve existing UX challenges, while also paving the way for innovative solutions that enhance user experience through the capabilities of the Polkadot SDK. Our focus is on elevating the end-user experience to match the network’s technical excellence, ensuring that Polkadot remains competitive and user-friendly.

Community Involvement

We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where all ecosystem participants are encouraged to contribute. By engaging a broad range of stakeholders, we aim to develop and implement UX standards that meet the community's needs and drive widespread adoption.

Scope of the Bounty

This bounty is dedicated to improve the end-user experience. While the technical underpinnings are necessary for such improvements, the primary focus is not on developer experience (DevEx) or backend technical enhancements, but rather on making the Polkadot ecosystem more accessible and intuitive for everyday users.


As the bounty operator, Braille will coordinate the entire initiative, ensuring projects progress effectively toward their goals. We have assembled a team of curators, composed of respected ecosystem leaders, who form a 4/6 multisig to oversee and approve all decisions and fund disbursements.

  • Braille (Alex and Ben)
  • OpenGovWatch (Tommi and Ugur)
  • Parity (Remy and Joshua)
  • Apillon (Nino)
  • SubWallet (DJ Hà Tang)
  • Velocity Labs (Nicolas Arevalo)

We think this curator set is well equipped to provide the right expertise and set the right direction for the bounty. These curators will be responsible for allocating funds to tasks, assessing the completion of work, deciding on UX issues prioritization and ensuring that each project adheres to the highest standards of quality and relevance.

👉 Please see the Full Proposal, and leave your feedback in the comment section below.

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