Proposal to Tip Art Curators and a Polkadot Candidate Ambassador in the UAE.


This proposal aims to tip two art curators and a Polkadot candidate ambassador based in the UAE for their assistance with the preparations for the Arts DAO Fest in Dubai. Their contributions include exhibition curation, artist relations management, and an active presence on the ground.


Exhibition Curation and Artist Relations Management - Museum Week
Senior Curator
Continuous engagement and communication
Exhibition curation
Relationships with Zancan
Introductions to the network of high-profile artists
Compensation: 428 DOT, $2500 USD
5 days of work including weekends

Exhibition Curation and Artist Relations Management - KodaDot
Compensation: 171 DOT, $1000 USD
Consultations during event preparation. Active engagement in program and booth design.
Engagement during two full days of the event. Adjustment for designs, coordination with teams remotely.

Compensation for Zenab Chatir, UAE Candidate Ambassador
Compensation: 171 DOT, $1000 USD
Presence at the Booth and help with event preparation - 2 Days (Total 14 Hours)

**“The real strength lies in incentivizing COMMUNITIES!” **

Total Compensation
770 DOT
$4500 USD

Event Report
Curators and ambassadors have continued to maintain and develop relationships initiated during the Arts DAO Fest. They remain engaged with the local community in Dubai. This tip serves as a sign of appreciation and encouragement for their ongoing efforts to invest time in building the Polkadot ecosystem and attracting more high-profile creators.

Linda, KodaDot: 5CRxWu1z86Z9o9LGjv2QNXkxKQzRe4e29YYzdnnsQA3qesZb

Museum Week: 5CmFpXgtC7bgXYuHSDG3QrK3qh4aazvCKAsAA3nMLoLvE2dT

Zenab Chatir: 5DFjTZLWCQmcK3P4jwptuxoNN7ZiBxTFupNkBFd6fduyEYhH

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