Inclusion of Energy Web Products & Solutions in Marketing Narratives


This proposal, if approved, will place the following on-chain remark:

Including Energy Web and Energy Web X current and future products in marketing narratives funded by Polkadot Bounty #33 – Marketing Bounty, and all other marketing bounties and Polkadot marketing initiatives.

Some of the current featured products & solutions are:

Smartflow offers a no-code platform for quickly building and deploying workflows across decentralized nodes, integrating with any data sources or APIs.

Digital Spine Toolkit. This toolkit was developed to help electric utilities and DER aggregators configure and deploy Digital Spines — digital infrastructure that makes it secure, efficient, and simple for distributed energy resources to be fully integrated into local and regional electricity markets — on electric grids around the world.

Worker Nodes

Energy Web Marketplace (in App Store)

Green Proofs for EVs is a simple solution to proof that the electricity used to charge an electric vehicle is coming from renewable energy sources

Green Proofs for Bitcoin (GP4BTC) helps Bitcoin miners measure and manage their energy footprint to help accelerate decarbonization

The Maritime Book and Claim Registry (MBC) promotes sustainability by facilitating the use of sustainable fuels throughout the maritime supply chain.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel Certificates (SAFCs) boost eco-friendly aviation fuel demand by ensuring users understand and trust their value 
and credibility.

Energy Web Ecosystem

You can learn more about Energy Web here:
And Energy Web X here:

We are making this proposal after these recent proposals:

Referendum 801 (Moonbeam)

Referendum 834 (DED)

Referendum 854 (Hydration)

Referendum 862 (Novasama)

These referendums indicate that continued guaranteed inclusion in marketing narratives require specific approval through OpenGov.

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