Subsquare and dotreasury new features development plan including governance statistics, dotreasury dark mode, etc
  • Beneficiary: OpenSquare(12sNU8BXivMj1xQmcd4T39ugCyHjmhir8jkPqfAw5ZDESrx4)
  • Date: 04/24/2022
  • Requested Allocation: $168,320(36,969DOT by the EMA7 price of 06.18.2023 on subscan)

OpenSquare has been actively developing new features for infrastucture products including subsquare and dotreasury. This is a proposal for some delivered features and new development plans.

Retroactive work

Collectives support

Collectives is a polkadot parachain which host polkadot alliance business. Please check substrate alliance pallet here. Subsquare support following user stories:

  1. As a community user, I can see all the acitve and removed alliance announcements.
  2. As a community user, I can see all the motions by alliance and vote status for each motion.
  3. As a alliance member, I can vote for any alliance motions.
  4. As a community user, I can see all the unscrupulus websites and accounts.
  5. As a community user, I can see all the alliance members and their roles.
  6. Alliance members and community members can discuss any motion or announcement on subsquare.

Generally our work includes:

  • Study the business, test and write scan scripts for alliance pallet events, alliance motion events.
  • Backend restful apis for announcement/alliance motion list, detail, comments, etc.
  • Fronted pages including announcements, alliance motions, unscrupulus items and alliance members.
  • Implement and deploy statescan for collectives and westend collectives parachains.


Estimated development time:

Development Estimated hours memo
Scan scripts 80 1 FTE * 2 weeks
Server RESTful apis 40 1 FTE * 1 week
Fronted 160 2 FTE * 2 weeks
Design 32 1 FTE * 4 days
Statescan support 56 1 FTE * 7 days
Total 368


An OpenGov spent proposals pie chart is implemented to show the ratios of treasury proposal spent by different OpenGov tracks. Jobs include:

  1. Design
  2. Backend scripts to calculate proposal spends through OpenGov.
  3. Fronted refactor and implement the piechart
Development Estimated hours memo
OpenGov spent proposals pie chart 48 2 FTE * 3 days
Total 48

Subsquare enhancement features

  • Democracy public proposal second multiplier. With this feature, we can second a public proposal multiple times in a batch call.
  • Add search box to support google in-site search. We also refactored the whole header components and improved the logos.
  • Nested comments. Currently we support comment to comments, not comment to comment of comments.
  • Support collective(council/tech comm motion) closing action.
Development Estimated hours memo
Proposal second multiplier 16 1 FTE * 2 days
Header search box 16 1 FTE * 2 days
Nested comments 32 1 FTE * 4 days
Close collective status and button 16 1 FTE * 2 days
Total 80

Subsquare new features plan

Governance statistics

We have more than 260 democracy referenda on kusama, and more than 160 referenda on OpenGov. Though we show votes detail on each referendum detail page and simple summary data, more statistics will help us to analyze how governance models work. We plan to implement following governance statistics.

For OpenGov tracks comparation:

  • To get the popularity of different tracks, we will create a pie chart to show the referendum count by tracks.
  • There will be a chart to show delegation data of different tracks, and delegation data will includes:
    • Total delegation capital.
    • Total delegation votes(post-conviction value).
    • Total delegator address count.
    • Total delegatee address count.
  • To compare turnout percentage between tracks, there will be a chart to show the average turnout percentage and we can easily see which track has the highest voting turnout.

For OpenGov each track and democracy referenda:

  • Show delegation rankings:
    • Delegators ranking which can be sorted by capital(without conviction) or votes(with conviction).
    • Delegatee ranks which can be sorted by delegators count, capital or votes.
  • Show votes participating trends, including:
    • The total votes value trend.
    • The total capital(votes without conviction) trend.
    • The votes/capital trend without delegation.
    • The vote address counts trend with/without delegation.
  • Show turnout percentage trend by referenda.

Each referendum data view enhancement

  • Currently we have votes list which show direct votes and delegated votes, but we can not see which voter has the most impaction. We will provide a view to show the direct voter ranked by the total affected balance(self balance + delegation balance) and delegation addresses details.
  • Components will be developed to show ratios between delegations and direct votes balances, addresses.

Democracy statistics

  • Show votes participation trend by democracy referenda.
  • Show delegation rankings similar with OpenGov track.
  • Show turnout percentage trend by democracy referenda.

Please check this figma link for more design.

User goveranance participation

User votes activities

Currently on users' profile page, we can see various proposed proposals by the user. They are not enough to show all users' governance participation. The activities we'd plan to add including:

  • OpenGov referendum vote records including casting vote or delegation votes.
  • OpenGov fellowship referendum vote records.
  • Democracy referendum vote records including drect vote or delegation votes.
  • Democracy public proposal second records.
  • Collectives(council/Tech Comm) vote records.

User votes management

It's a problem that we usually forget which referendum we have voted, and it's troublesome to query them and remove them before we can transfer the locked balances. We propose to implement interfaces for user to manage the votes.

  • It will be for both democracy and OpenGov referenda.
  • Users should be able to see a list of votes which maybe for ongoing or finished referenda.
  • On the interfaces users should be able to see whether the referenda are finished, so they won't remove the votes of ongoing referenda.
  • Users should be able to see the lock period of finished referenda votes, and there will be countdown components, so users will know which referenda votes are closeable.

Subsquare new design

Many community members has expressed their positive comments about subsquare's UI&UX. We never stop our work for better design, and we propose to implement our new design which we believe will bring users better experiences. The new design has improvements in following aspects.

  1. The navigation menu will be a left sidebar style, always accesible.
  2. Follow polkadot icon set, we redesigned icons.
  3. On the proposal detail page, content card style is abandoned, font size is improved, and width of content area is expanded.
  4. Improve page responsiveness support.
  5. Improve customizability. Customizable items include menu backgroud color, button color, logo, etc.

Please check here for the full design on figma.

Other enhancement features

  • Democracy vote extrinsics. We implemented this for OpenGov, and it's good for users to know the direct vote history. We propose to implement this for democracy too.
  • Support upload images direct with subsquare editors. Currently users can only use image links to edit their content. We will support users to drag images to subsquare editors to upload images like what can be done with github editor.
  • Preimages page on which we can see all the submitted preimages and the corelated referenda.
  • OpenGov referenda preparing phase visualization enhacement. Currently we have UI for decision and confirmation phase, but not so good for preparing phase.
  • Support users placing OpenGov referendum decision deposit.
  • Allow users to mark any discussion/proposal post as a scam.


Development Estimated hours memo
Governance statistics 640 4 FTE * 4 weeks
User goveranance participation 240 3 FTE * 2 weeks
Subsquare new design 240 3 FTE * 2 weeks
Other enhancement features 168 3 FTE * 7 days
Total 1288

Dotreasury new features plan

Dark mode

As dotreasury is becoming popular in dotsama governance users and several community members suggested us to add dark theme for better view at night. We propose to implement it in this proposal. Please check figma design for details.

Treasury spend statistic by periods

We now have a total stack chart on home page with with we can roughly see the treasury spend trend. We propose to implement a chart to show treasury spend trend by periods which provides us another view to review the spend trend and details. We can also see spend details on each period.

More filters

Though dotrasury provide detailed treasury related data, sometimes it's troublesome for users to find out target data. We will provide a group of sort and filter functions to help users to locate target data more easily. Users will be able to:

  • Sort proposals/tips/bounties by token amount, fiat value.
  • Filter treasury proposals by OpenGov track through which proposals are approved.
  • Filter proposals/tips/bounties by token amount, fiat value range.
  • Filter treasury participated users by their roles(proposer, beneficiary, councilor).


Development Estimated hours memo
Dark mode 160 2 FTE * 2 weeks
Treasury spend statistic by periods 112 2 FTE * 7 days
More filters 48 2 FTE * 3 days
Total 320

Note: we'd explain that the dark mode estimated time is longer than that we estimated for subsquare dark mode implementation on proposal #155. The reason is the final time we spent on subsquare dark mode implementation is much more than the estimated(many details and corner cases). We won't request more fund for the not covered labor time, but hope get understanding for dotreasury dark mode estimation.

Total budget

Please check above sections for details of each item. Taking hour rate $80, please check following budget list.

Development Estimated hours memo
Retroactive work 496 polkadot alliance support; dotreasury OpenGov spent pie chart; subsquare delivered enhancement features
Subsquare new features 1,288 Governance statistics; user governance participation view and management; new design and other enhancements
Dotreasury new features 320 dark mode; treasury spend statisc by periods
Total 2,104 Fiat cost: $168,320
  • Beneficiary: 12sNU8BXivMj1xQmcd4T39ugCyHjmhir8jkPqfAw5ZDESrx4(identity is OpenSquare)
  • We will update the allocated DOT by the price of subscan on the submission date.

Possible questions

Why not add the discussion data decentralization implementaion to this proposal?

We want to leave more time for community and other potential implementers to review and give feedbacks. We may propose to implement it in next proposal.

How many users are visiting subsquare and dotreasury?

You proposed a proposal on kusama, why not include that in this proposal?

Yes, we proposed referendum #164 on kusama for our maintenance work. Usually we separated our work into maintenance and new features development. The maintenance proposal, mainly including server cost and code base maintenance(refactor, bug fixes, UI tweaks, dependency upgrading, etc) is usually less controversial. We make new development plans based on our capacity and features evaluation which maybe more useful to the community. We may merge maintenance and new features proposal if our proposed new features always keep not so controversial.


We've started the development before submitting it on-chain, and we will update our progress with following table.


Item Status
Dark mode
Treasury spend statistic by periods
Proposal filters
Participated user filters


Governance statistics

Item Status
OpenGov tracks comparation
OpenGov each track and democracy referenda
Each referendum data view enhancement: nested votes
Each referendum data view enhancement: vote ratios between direct and delegation votes
Democracy statistics

User goveranance participation

Item Status
User votes activities
User votes management

Other enhancement features

Item Status
OpenGov referenda preparing phase visualization enhancement.
Support users placing OpenGov referendum decision deposit
Allow users to mark any discussion/proposal post as a scam
Preimages page
Democracy vote extrinsics.
Support upload images direct with subsquare editors.

Subsquare new design

Item Status
The navigation menu will be a left sidebar style, always accessible.
New icons
New detail page
New profile page
Improve customizability

Happy these excellent projects get the network's support.

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