Proposal: Polkaevent - A one stop event discovery platform for the Dotsama ecosystem



One of the key pillars for the growth of a particular technology revolves around community events organised by the technology educators and other members of the community. Even though you have events that happen today in the Polkadot ecosystem, the discovery of these events still remains quite cumbersome. You might find some event details here and there from twitter to Polkassembly, but it's difficult for users to find them without going out of their way to keep up with these channels.

Polkaevent focuses on bringing these events together by listing all of them on one single platform thereby taking away the pain of discovery from the end user. It also aims to use its social channels to market those events.

Dotsama Calendar

Dotsama calendar showcases everything that’s happening in the Dotsama ecosystem along with the relevant details of the location where that’s happening. So be it an airdrop, a new Parachain launch or just regular news, you can find all the info in the calendar.

The current calendar is limited as in it just shows things around proposals and only has an option for online events. This current calendar is designed to work with the parachains and relay chains where it’ll showcase events around the chain. It will show events around chain upgrades, new parachain launches, airdrops/other events for that chain. In fact it will also show referenda dates for a particular parachain.


The bounties section in Polkaevent lists out all the bounties that are part of the Dotsama ecosystem along with their respective details. This is a first draft of the design so please take this with a grain of salt.

For more details about the team, V1 Design and milestones please read our full proposal:

Proposal for Polkaevent

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