Polkadot SF Event Tour!

Crust Network, Oak Network, Gear Technologies, Moonbeam, and Robonomics have come together to create this proposal!

The goal of this proposal is to create a Polkadot community hub in San Francisco whereby Polakdot's current and future developers can meet each other, and learn about the other projects in the ecosystem. By hosting consecutive events in San Francisco we hope to increase Polakdot brand awareness, credibility, and community presence which should increase the number of builders on Polkadot and its parachain projects.

This proposal aims to fund several activities organized by parachain teams during the first half of the year 1/12 - 6/18 2022. With this proposal, we aim to receive a pre-payment to cover costs for the details stated in this proposal. However, we know there is a strict funding process and we are happy to adhere to any requests, or procedures you may enforce.

Here is a shortened version of our full proposal:

  • 6 events, 1 per month, on the last Thursday of each month

  • The first event will be a panel talk and the following 5 will be technical talks with networking after.

  • All educational portions of events will be live-streamed, and recorded for Polkadot to use. We will also have a professional photographer, and booths set-up for each parachain to put their merch and promotional materials.

  • All event participants will fill out a welcome survey so we can determine attendee demographics, and promote Polkadot newsletter/discord.

Find the full proposal at this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Mb_p8bK9xt3xGcyrwLVVy1pw30DwEa6r/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=104094751791240618475&rtpof=true&sd=true

This is a video of a previous panel event we hosted in San Francisco with Chainlink: https://twitter.com/CrustNetwork/status/1603994854844903424?s=20&t=H7dTl6kk1d84FJIt31Lt4g

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