Pinknode Public Endpoint for Polkadot in Q4 2022

Proponent: Pinknode

Date: 14/03/2023

Amount in USD: $20,093.46

Amount in DOT: 3447.74 DOT

DOT Rate: $5.828 (using EMA7 as of 14/03/2023)

DOT Account: 14K2YrPm8TTo8aNMqp7FJjbpysi7vm1j7QjKg86q6W6wVzPr

Proposal Summary: Costs for running secure, reliable, and scalable public infrastructure for Polkadot, Statemint, and Westend

Project Summary

Pinknode is a node-as-a-service platform focused on providing shared API endpoint and node operation services catering exclusively to the Polkadot ecosystem. We launched our MVP in June 2021 and have been providing free RPC services to the Polkadot ecosystem’s participants since Q3 2021. Our mission is to aid the Polkadot protocol in achieving its vision of a multi-chain future by providing easy-to-use, reliable, and scalable infrastructure services which remove an entire layer of complexities for developers to start building on Polkadot/Substrate.

Ecosystem participants can access our free API service by creating their own API Key on Pinknode Portal or using our public endpoints (listed at In a bid to reduce barriers to entry and attract more developers to the ecosystem, our premium plan, which includes archival data and higher rate limits, is also free for all builders and participants of Polkadot to utilize. We are not charging our users anything at this moment.




Service Details

From 1 October 2022 to 31 December 2022,

Pinknode’s Polkadot RPC nodes have served an average of 7,259,280 requests per day, for a cumulative total of 675,113,094 requests for the quarter.

Pinknode’s Statemint RPC nodes have served an average of 213,150 requests per day, for a cumulative total of 19,609,835 requests for the quarter.

Pinknode’s Westend RPC nodes have served an average of 229,823 requests per day, for a cumulative total of 21,373,571 requests for the quarter.

Enhancements during Q4 2022:

-Added “Team API calls used’ on main dashboard for effective summary

-Moved request log storage to AWS S3 for faster UX

-Added toggle switch for live request viewer, to be initiated by users as opposed to default

-Upgrades to our proxy for more accurate logging

Pinknode achieved service reliability of 99.88% for Q4 2022 with one major downtime incident on 21 November 2022.

Our status page is publicly maintained.

Our full report including raw data and graphs can be viewed here.

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