Anagolay proposal: enabling community contributions for verified creators

Hi everyone, Daniel of Anagolay is here.

We believe monetizing and supporting creative work should be simpler, work across platforms, and be equally accessible to everyone. And we can make it happen with the web3 infrastructure developed on top of an excellent Substrate framework while adding value to the Polkadot ecosystem.

Throughout 2022 and early 2023, the Anagolay team has been building the foundation to make our vision possible.

Including, most recently:

For more details on what we accomplished last year, feel free to check this post.

Current Proposal Scope & Objectives

Our goal is to empower and support independent content creators and open-source developers.

With Anagolay, any verified online identity, like a web (sub)domain, a social media account (Twitter, YouTube, GitHub, etc.), or any Mastodon federated identity, can be used to send and receive funds: as community contributions to support a verified creator or their particular project (a repository or even a specific post).

We’ll start with bringing tip-as-you-go functionality to the ecosystem, making supporting quality work much easier: both from a personal account or by suggesting a tip from the Treasury. By doing so, we are creating additional incentives to contribute to the Polkadot community growth: for the existing members and for all the creators & builders in the digital space.

From the get-go, in the current implementation, the tips can be sent in IDI (our native token). Eventually, our goal is to enable tips & recurring contributions in any DotSama token, scale Anagolay solution, and streamline creative workflow from publishing to monetization for all independent creators.


The value of Anagolay's solution is three-fold:

  • Firstly, it provides content creators and open-source contributors with additional monetization tools.
  • Secondly, it creates an additional incentive for the communities within Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems to make and encourage contributions. Tips from the community become a more accessible way to show appreciation for someone's work and can even serve as an alternative to treasury spending.
  • Lastly, by bringing new users into the ecosystem, the solution enhances the ecosystem's overall value.

The range of communities benefitting from Anagolay will gradually expand as we develop and implement new features:


Initially, we aim to put community support & incentivization functionality to the test while adding value within the context of the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem. This will allow us to collect valuable feedback and prepare for scaling: to onboard wider creative audiences and become their gateway to the ecosystem.

Please see the FULL PROPOSAL HERE for more details.

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