Building a better understanding of blockchain across mainstream global media

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Proposal context

The beneficiary and implementer of this proposal is the Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF). are the proposer, supporting TRF to exchange any DOT granted to US dollars in order to fund the pilot training programme that aims to “Build a better understanding of blockchain across mainstream global media”.

TRF is an independent charity, registered in the UK and the USA (as TRF INC) we work to advance media freedom, foster more inclusive economies, and promote human rights. Through news, media development, free legal assistance and convening initiatives, we combine our unique services to drive systemic change. We use the combined power of journalism and the law to build global awareness of critical issues faced by humanity, inspire collective leadership, and help shape a prosperous world where no one is left behind. We believe that societies around the world should be free, fair and informed.

Following an introductory meeting and Web3 Foundation relationship scoping workshop in Zug (27th July 2022), TRF are proposing a strategic partnership, which will aim to build a more accurate and deeper understanding of Web3 and blockchain technologies across audiences who are not familiar with it and who are exposed to more traditional narratives (e.g. cryptocurrencies facilitate illegal activities and pollute the environment). The aim of the partnership is to educate non-crypto audiences and journalists on a global scale to better understand the fast-evolving blockchain ecosystem (For example, the downfall of FTX, a news story that went mainstream, involving politicians and celebrities. Many journalists struggled to report on this incident accurately, due to their limited knowledge of the crypto ecosystem and one of its largest exchanges.) and its potential applications beyond decentralised finance (DeFi).

TRF proposes to launch the partnership with a pilot programme to scope, develop and test a new training programme that responds to this aim. The pilot will be delivered iteratively in collaboration with the Web3 Foundation to achieve a robust and needs-driven training methodology that can be effectively scaled in anticipated future phases of the partnership.

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