KusaMint - Extension and Further Funding Q2-3 2023

Proposal Information:

🔹Full proposal: Link>>

🔸Our previous Proposal #1: Link>>

🔸Milestone Report #1: Link>>

Twitter Feedback:

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KusaMint is a development kit for NFT artists, creators and the whole Dotsama community in general. It provides different tools to mint and manage NFTs with ease.
We have successfully reached all milestones set in our previous proposal that became Motion 573.

This proposal aims to receive funding that will allow us to offer Dotsama NFT community new functionality and expand to new NFT standards.

Full Transparency:

We have launched this proposal on $KSM OpenGov (Referenda 168) with >80% approval rate until it was rejected through one whale vote (HACN) despite having almost 3 times more people voting "Aye". We have received absolutely positive community feedback (Social Media, Discussions, ChaosDAO vote and more) and believe that our project brings actual value to ecosystem.

Key points in this proposal

  • KusaMint Enhancement

🔹 Access to NFTs on Statemine - Mint 1.0 NFTs on this chain. We aim to cover all possible NFT options in Dotsama eco, so KusaMint would be simply incomplete without Statemine.

🔹 Mobile support - Mint/Manage NFTs from your phone. A mobile version of UI ready to be integrated to any crypto wallet.

🔹 Advanced NFT Management - Visual improvements to current UI and more options for collection management (Estimate fees for mass minting, switch networks, export etc.)

🔹 Analytics System - While we already have tools to make NFT management more comfortable, we aim to add more tracking and analytics for creators. Monitor and share the amount of sales per period of time, floor prices and volumes on marketplaces.

  • EVM Integration

🔹ERC-RMRK NFTs - The core of Kusama NFTs that is now supported on EVM chains. Equippable, composable NFTs with revolutionary use cases.

🔹ERC-721 NFTs - Classic Ethereum NFTs.

🔹ERC-1155 NFTs - Multi-Token NFTs that offer more functionality than ERC-721 tokens.

  • Public API


🔹GraphQL API

Potential API use cases:

  • NFT Mint in crypto games - skins, achievements, characters, etc.

  • Marketplace integrations

  • Integrations to artists’ websites

  • NFT Mints for DAOs

  • …and many more

Requested Amount: 17488 DOT/91987 USD (Proposal 2: 15173 DOT + Proposal 1 Difference: 2315 DOT)

DOT price: 5.26 USD (Coingecko data on 16th of May 2023)

Total team hours: 1790 Hours

Costs detalization: Link>>

*Proposal 1 Difference - during our first proposal $KSM price dramatically went down, resulting in >$12000 loss. It was decided that we will apply to receive remaining funds in our next proposal.

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