Treasury Proposal for Missing Link: Boosting Developer Adoption

Our proposal is “Boosting Developer Adoption for Polkadot Ecosystem Projects” and we are sharing it before the official submission for community input and feedback.

We are Missing Link, an established brand in web3 recruiting in Europe, to provide these services. Missing Link has a track record of providing high-quality recruiting services to the blockchain industry, as you can see from the full proposal linked below.

As the Polkadot ecosystem continues to expand, it is critical that there are enough skilled developers to support the growth. We propose to place a total of 15 Rust developers to different companies and projects within the Polkadot ecosystem through three milestones. Companies who qualify and are in the Polkadot ecosystem can utilize the funds from this treasury proposal to receive recruitment services for Rust developers for their project.

In total, we are requesting three tranches of $120k USD for a total of $360k USD from the Polkadot treasury to fund this project, with each tranche being awarded before each milestone. We believe that this investment will have a significant impact on the Polkadot ecosystem, by ensuring that there are enough skilled developers to support the growth of the network.

Thank you for your consideration of this proposal and we have incorporated the community’s feedback before submitting this proposal on-chain.

Here is the link to the full proposal with all the relevant details, processes and qualifiers.

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