OpenSquare's treasury proposal for a knowledge tip authoring tool

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We got news about Kusama and Polkadot from twitter, social media, and blogs. But to get them, first we need to open the corresponding links in the browser and sometimes we may need to login. For knowledge, usually we search some topic with google, or go to to search the tip we are interested in.

Problems with current situation:

  • News are not fast enough and not effective to readers. Even in telegram when we share the link, though we can see a short description, it's not cool and not effective to audiences.
  • Twitter message authoring and post writing is time consuming, while it's nearly impossible for a developer or marketing staff to create some cool images to polish the content.
  • It's hard for developers to share some knowledge in a flash and effective way.
  • Image is the most popular way to broadcast info in China. We broadcast them in wechat chat groups and friends circle, but currently there are no convenient ways to generate flash news or knowledge tips for Polkadot ecosystem projects.

Authoring tool

We propose a knowledge tip and flash news authoring tool to solve the above problems. With this tool we can:

  • Write only title and detail to generate a cool image which is very easy to broadcast and friendly to content audience.
  • Some image banners are prepared, and authors just need to choose one from them.

Following scenarios will be supported to help Kusama, Polkadot and other ecosystem projects to broadcast news and knowledge tip.

  1. Project may have a flash good news which they want to spread it fast. Then a developer generate a image contains the news, and broadcast it to the telegram channels. Telegram readers just click the image, and the full content is shown to them, and they don't have to open the browser.

  2. A normal user open this cool, create a image which explain 'what is kusama council', then broadcast it to social media. The content readers can reach this explanation in a fast way and ecosystem users can get this knowledge in a very clear way.

Design drafts of this tool

And the generated image may look like follows:



M1(One week)

  • Design, including the page layout and several banners for the templates. One designer and one developer will be involved.
  • Front page components development and 2 developers will be involved.

Cost: 4000$ = 833Dots, while each Dot cost 4.8$.

Future work

  • More themes for Polkadot and Kusama
  • More default banners for Polkadot and Kusama
  • Support customized banner

We are OpenSquare, and we are dedicated to facilitate the collaborations between Polkadot ecosystem projects and developers, designers, etc.

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