Substrate Hackathon @ Hangzhou, China on Dec.19-20, 2020

DoraHacks is running a Substrate Hackathon in Hangzhou, China on December 19th-20th, 2020.

Venue: Future Science City, Hangzhou, China

Time: 19th-20th, December, 2020

There will be approximately 80-100 Substrate Devs, PMs, designers and other cypherpunks and blockchain enthusiasts joining this event and exploring the fun of hacking with Substrate. We currently received 50+ hacker registrations and are expecting a dev crowd of 80-100 during the weekend of the Hackathon.

This will be the one and only Substrate Hackathon taking place in China in the year of 2020, where all Chinese Substrate Developers will gather in Hangzhou to learn, explore, social and create.

We have 10 online workshops about Substrate and Polkadot Ecosystem Intro prior to this event, which will be livestreaming on Bilibili(dev's fav online video and live streaming platform) and recorded. The videos will also be displayed on DoraHacks's official account on Bilibili.

  • 12.9 Litentry(John, core dev) : Connect Ethereum identity with offchain worker
  • 12.10 Parity(Maggie Dong, Engineer): Introduction to Substrate and Polkadot
  • 12.11 Parity(Maggie Dong, Engineer): Parachain and Cross-chain
  • 12.12 OpenSquare(Yongfeng Li): How Substrate Treasury Pallet Works
  • 12.13 Web 3 Foundation(Qinwen Wang) : Governance and Grants of Web 3 Foundation
  • 12.14 Bandot(Feng Chen): Defi 2.0
  • 12.15 Rust China Community(Bin Guo, core member): Rust Introduction
  • 12.16 Rust China Community(Mike Tang, Founder): Rust in Depth-Future
  • 12.17 Polkaworld(Xioajie Pang, Founder): The Development of Polkadot Ecosystem

We have 20 judges and mentors for this Hackathon. They will be commenting on hacker's projects' based on technical and business potential.

  • Yaoqi Jia, Parity Technologies
  • Maggie Dong, Parity Technologies
  • Qinwen Wang, Web 3 Foundation
  • Yin Cao, Digital Renaissance Foundation
  • Fuyao Jiang, Acala Netwok
  • Hanwen Cheng, Litentry
  • Denny, Darwinia Network
  • Marvin Tong, Phala Network
  • Xiaojie Pang, PolkaWorld
  • Lipeng Yue, Patract Labs
  • Feng Chen, Bandot
  • Kamie, Stafi
  • Lurpis, Bifrost
  • Charlie Hu, CANDAQ Group
  • Kyrie Li, Delin Capital
  • Jocy Lin, IOSG Capital
  • Haiguang Huang, Cabin VC
  • Stephanie Lu, Fenbushi Capital
  • Mable Jiang, Multicoin Capital

Our Ask:

3000 DOT as Hackathon prizes(1500 DOT) and operational costs coverage(1500 DOT)

Hackathon prizes will be distributed to hacker team based on the number of votes they receive from judges and other teams.

Operation costs are mainly the cost of logistics of this Hackathon and our teams effort to make this Hackathon great.

Hacker Projects will be uploaded here:

Hackathon Bounties will be posted here:

**About DoraHacks( **

DoraHacks is an active global hacker community. We're Hackathon enthusiasts, and did 31 blockchain Hackathons in 2018 in 8 countries, 15 cities. We're also the organizer of the largest Hackathon in China history: the 4th Industrial Revolution Hackathon. We're also the largest blockchain developer community in China.

**About HackerLink( **

Hackerlink has bounty, grant, BUIDL and Hackathon features catering to the needs of Chinese developers when they want to engage with blockchain projects.

**About DoraHacks Global Hackathon Series: **

DoraHacks GHS 2021 is coming back! We're running 15-20 offline hackathons in China, US and Europe in 2020-2021 despite the craziness of Covid-19. We're actively running offline blockchain hackathons in China recently. Our first Hackathon was DoraHacks x Binance Smart Chain Defi Hackathon in Beijing, November 14th-15th where 91 hackers created 17 new Defi Projects. You can find all their contributions here:

The initial proposal can be found here:

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