Treasury proposal: The 2023/3-2023/8 operating cost for the nonprofit organization Polkadot Ecology Research Institute

The proposal aims to seek support from the Polkadot Treasury for the 2023/3-2023/8 operating cost for the Chinese non-profit organization Polkadot Ecology Research Institute, in order to create more original and quality Chinese content, and to relay the otherwise boring technical language to Chinese users in a colloquial way, so that Chinese users can have a real knowledge of Polkadot and increase the breadth of Polkadot in the Chinese market. On the other hand, we will also follow up on the outstanding projects of the Polkadot ecology to keep everyone informed of the latest developments of the Polkadot ecology.

Polkadot's success cannot be separated from the prosperity of the Polkadot Ecological Projects. Our goal is to make more people aware of Polkadot and also to make more people aware of the development of Polkadot ecology, which in turn will lead them to join in the participation and construction of Polkadot ecology, so that Polkadot and Polkadot ecology can flourish.

Since September 2022, we have established a Polkadot Treasury proposal for our 2022/9-2023/2 operation cost, and get funding from the Polkadot Treasury. Here is our report for the proposal. Please check our report to learn more.

So this is a proposal for our six months operation cost. We apply approx 104,760.00 USD total allocation for 2023/3-2023/8 and you can get all details here.

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