Community-Centric Blockchain Education: Dacade's Commitment to Polkadot's Growth via learning through sharing

Following up our discussion post. We are happy to submit our full proposal on creating a Polkadot peer-to-peer learning community together.


We aim to create a Polkadot learning community on Dacade, offering learning materials, challenges, and rewards. Our goal is to foster 10,000 educators and promote the Polkadot Ecosystem adoption through an accessible and scalable educational ecosystem, executed by an experienced developer team. These learning chapters are supported by Pendulum Chain.

Key Metrics(july/2023)

Users: 16228

Discord: 5758

Twitter 954

Eventbrite: 3.8k

Original Web3 projects built with GitHub repository + mostly demo links: 775

Feedback given, mostly in the form of GitHub pull requests: 1572+

Current courses / learning communities on Dacade: ETHEREUM FOUNDATION, CELO, INTERNET COMPUTER ICP, ALGORAND, TEZOS, NEAR


Dacade, in collaboration with Pendulum, brings forward a simple yet meaningful proposal, rooted in the core belief of learning through sharing. With previous experiences including impactful partner courses/communities, we humbly aim to create a similar impact within the Polkadot ecosystem. Our approach is not flashy but grounded in effective peer-to-peer learning, custom solutions, course creation, community building, and continuous performance review. As our past learners and partners can attest, it's the simplicity of learning together that sparks real transformation.

Full Proposal can be found here.

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