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Hello Polkadot and Opengov community

I'm Gustavo Henrique, also known as Defiguy, a senior ambassador for Polkadot, a data analyst, and a blockchain technology researcher. I have been creating content for Polkadot since 2022, working as a blockchain analyst for projects like Crypto357 and a moderator for Mercurius.

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Almost a year ago, I launched two YouTube channels: Degen Radio, focusing on general crypto content including interviews with notable figures such as Blockworks researchers, prominent fintech analysts, VCs capital analysts; and a channel dedicated to content around the Astar and Polkadot ecosystem, called Defiguy channel , both channels focusing mainly in Portuguese language, but also English content. Currently, I host two livestreams a week covering various themes, typically structured around:

  • — Governance analysis
  • — On-chain data (TVL, DAU, smart contract deployments, staking)
  • — Tech updates (featuring Polkadot technologies like Async Backing, XCM, and System chains)
  • — Parachains fundamental analysis (focusing on value propositions and tokenomics)

    — Q&A (talking with the community and taking some questions, helping them on CRM)

    — Interviews with key figures on Polkadot ecosystem (started at Astar Network)

I've achieved interesting KPIs for a new channel, averaging 40/50 concurrent live viewers with great retention, ranging around 400/500 views per live (competitive number puting aside a very niche content and bear market situation). Compared to other Polkadot channels funded by the treasury, I have above-average interactions and view counts.

— Watch time of 3.3K Hours
— Total 6 months views — 15K

Data Visualization around 6/7 months of content (July 2023 — February 2024)

Additionally, my Twitter/X profile (defiguy22) with 2438 Followers, where I also share my livestreams and threads about the Polkadot ecosystem, reaches an average of 60K impressions a month.

July 2023 — September 2023 - 145K impressions

October 2023 — December 2023 — 149K Impressions

January 2024 — February 2024 — 70K Impressions

Some Stats related to my Telegram group that I created 5 months ago

— 155 active members
— more than 5K messages

Context of the proposal

I'm initiating this discussion because I truly believe in what Polkadot is creating, and I would like the community's help to maintain and further improve my content, so in this case for a BIG TIP around 800/1000 DOT (retroactive fund), where it will pay for the 6 month content creation.

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