Referendum #773
Treasury #830

DOTphin Event Multipass by Sovereign Nature with WalletConnect integration & upgradeable, dynamic NFTs by Unique Network

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Hello from Polkadotters.
We support this proposal as the integration of the DOTphin Event Multipass with WalletConnect and Unique Network's dynamic NFTs will improve the user experience and unify NFTs for Polkadot events. This solution will also make the community more engaging because POAPs are without a doubt part of our crypto culture. AYE.


Hey Guys,

Despite the challenges, I think the DOTphin Event Multipass proposal has some cool potential.

The idea of evolving NFTs tied to user participation and real-world perks is super engaging. It’s a step up from static POAPs and adds a fun, interactive element. Embedding ecological impact into the NFT experience is a unique angle that can attract environmentally conscious users. Plus, the transparent impact reporting is a great touch.WalletConnect integration should lower the onboarding barriers and make it easier for users to engage with Polkadot dApps, which is a win for expanding our community.

However, the following challenges should be recognized. As we all know, previous POAP initiatives haven’t always been successful, so we’ll need a solid strategy to boost user interest and participation. Integrating dynamic NFTs smoothly will be tricky, but it could make a big difference if we get it right.

Here is a credit and an Aye. I'm looking forward to seeing how it evolves!