Referendum #776
Treasury #831

Proposal: Funding for Design and Development of XCQ, the Cross-Consensus Query Language

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Firstly, I commend the Acala team for consistently delivering valuable tools that have greatly improved the developer experience within the Polkadot ecosystem. The deliverables, such as the XCQ protocol, extensions, and comprehensive documentation, promise to provide robust tools and references. This proposal addresses a critical need in our multi-chain environment. The lack of a standardized method for querying information across different chains creates unnecessary guesswork and operational inefficiencies.

The use cases you’ve outlined—from querying balances and asset prices to improving cross-chain treasury management and enhancing wallet functionality—highlight the vast potential of XCQ. This tool will streamline existing processes and open up new possibilities for cross-chain interactions and integrations. Including a 10% buffer to account for potential volatility is prudent, ensuring the project stays on track without further financial hiccups.

Given the extensive groundwork, including the previous discussions and the detailed milestones, I’m confident that the Acala team is well-equipped to bring XCQ to fruition. The commitment to transparency and progress updates is also reassuring. I’m eager to see the positive impact XCQ will have and fully support this.

Cheers, Jimmy