Twitter Spaces Sessions about Polkadot for Hispanic community.

This is a session of twitter space with a great ally to Polkadot and Kusama, Mad Cripto, he is the most influential Spanish-speaking communicator in the region.
Twitter Spaces Sessions

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The space was developed at the beginning of the Polkadot Blockchain Academy, how anecdote was moderated within the academy and had a certain impact in its publication of 32.5K and with a large call for listeners.

Maarmapa (Head Ambassador) was also a guest and participated, among others, Jaume, who was the person who starred in the involuntary incident with Acala explaining the reasons.

The important thing about the realization of these twitter spaces by ambassadors and referents of the ecosystem is because it gives the members of the community the opportunity to have a direct approach with them, ask questions and have the opportunity to be direct participants.
This is Pepe host 20th Twitter Spaces session, and the first tip request.

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Pepe.Dot - Polkadot and Kusama ambassador

Pepe is communicator, publicist, team builder and engaged contributor to Dotsama community, creator of the Polkadot and Kusama community on Twitter, moderator and creator of the Polkadot Argentina team ( group on Telegram and Twitter (Polkadot Argentina TW) and Polkadot Uruguay.
Through multiple Twitter feeds, he was able to interview and twitter spaces Web3 creators from the multi-parachain community focused on NFTs, Metaverses and community.

Many of the known memes in the ecosystem have come out of his factory, which he believes is new-age marketing.

1st prize for Polkadot adforchads

3st prize Polkadot adforchads

He is the organizer and part of the Polkadot Decoded Buenos Aires 2022 proposal with the Polka Haus team.

Also simultaneously carried out the side event for Kusama Network (

Due to its dynamics, effort and commitment to communication and the community, it has made solid links with many main players in the Dotsama industry.

I also work for the venture studio Supercolony and in the organization of the WasmConf

And all that remains is to present a series of antecedents of the work carried out in this long journey.
Some of we went through the events
He has also worked tirelessly in the realization of POLKADOT DECODED BA 2022, from the beginning he joined the organization initially proposed by Parity Technologies, providing advice on logistics, Latin American culture and various consultancies, finally joining the official proposal which was approved by POLKA HAUS being part of the central organization of the largest event organized to date in this region.

And he is also the architect of the first Kusama Network side event KAOS IN BA for the Spanish-speaking community that was run through the treasury, and took place on July 1, 2022, having an overwhelming success, surpassing the promise of expected applications, so the work team for the new editions has doubled.

One more part of this trip is the creation of 2 groups to unite the Argentine and Uruguay community and organize future meetings, stay in touch and spread any type of official information about the ecosystem.

He created the Polkadot & Kusama community on Twitter.
Another global communication channel between some industry players that you can find as moderators in the group.

He participated in the first edition of the Polkadot Hackathon Latam obtaining a second place in smart contracts with his recent project DOTOCRACY.


This year he was summoned again to participate in the Polkadot Blockchain Academy edition number 2 in Buenos Aires on a voluntary basis. And he traveled from Italy for it.

He also carried out parallel activities in conjunction with the Adlib! production organized by the PBA.
He was a collaborator and in charge of summoning the community at Academy Open Night, 3 parallel events held at the university.
He also hosted PolkaSunset a side event for graduate students, the Parity team and the Argentine community in Buenos Aires.

Lastly, he was the creator of the community Polkadot Uruguay
and he held the first meetUp in the capital of that country, Montevideo with the graduates of PBA and community.

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Twitter Space for the Polkadot hispanic community (More info in PA)
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Twitter Space for the Polkadot hispanic community (More info in PA)
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