Referendum #152
Treasury #416
KryptosChain Media Support (Continuation) - Big Tipper Request


Address: 13kzfkXXF7nSCzaMS2Eok8scDS9jZk89yWyfsCBWvDDJKaZy

Contact: @KryptosChain on Twitter or Telegram.

Duration: Roughly around 1 month

Amount:  Around $3,500 including slippage fees (841.34 with DOT price at $4.16

Team: Just me

About me: My name's Claudio and I'm a Polkadot Ambassador & Crypto Content Creator since 2018 and since the end of 2020 mostly contributed towards the growth of the Polkadot ecosystem through media marketing on Youtube & Twitter. Youtube channel: 18,745 subscribers Twitter profile: 5,672 followers

You can find more info about me & my past proposals by checking out the previous treasury proposals: Ref.37 (Approved & Delivered) & on Kusama #Ref.46 (Approved & Delivered) , #Ref.38 (Rejected), #Ref.201 (Rejected)

Description: KryptosChain ethos has always been to simplify explanations, therefore I have decided to simplify this proposal by adding all the necessary info in this Polkassembly post rather than a separate proposal so as not to bore you.

This proposal asks the Polkadot Treasury for funding of a total of 15 educational videos covering Polkadot Open Governance & Polkadot News, all uploaded to the KryptosChain Youtube channel & KryptosChain Twitter profile during September & partially October.
The video content will be split as following: 

$250 per video — 10 Open Governance videos (Polkadot Open Gov only, including early discussions and newly active referendums), all summarized without spending a lot of time with the details, mostly serving existing DOT holders but also new users wanting to learn what Open Gov is about.

$200 per video — 5 Polkadot News videos (ecosystem announcements)

Prices have been slightly adjusted to reflect the reality in terms of effort required to produce these videos & the current market conditions. Open Gov being more complex and requiring more effort while news simpler to produce.

Here you can find the live report of where each video will be publicly shared as it's completed or as there's work in progress --> Live Reporting

This is a continuation / extension of Ref.37 on Polkadot with more focus towards Open Governance & News rather than interviews & product comparisons, in order to serve the Polkadot community.
If this referendum passes, the plan is to continue on a month to month basis until the community will stop supporting, rather than request funding for a longer period of time at once, therefore the pressure on the Treasury being abolutely minimal from a media perspective.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a comment below as the discussion will be open for 7 days for feedback.






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