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The Current Problem with Polkadot

Today, information within the Polkadot ecosystem is located across individual parachain/project websites, social media sites, and videos/podcasts. Information remains siloed and difficult to access for users depending on their purpose. The “hub” sites that do exist fall victim to Polkadot’s achilles heel: technical heavy, data repository interfaces that don't focus on the user experience. Polkadot has some of the best tech in the world and we want to help make this beautiful technology accessible to masses.

The end result of this: Polkadot is being held back from its full potential. The average new user does not know where to begin or gets scared off when they’re asked to interact with developer style interfaces. We can see this across a broad depth of market data. Polkadot always leads in developer activity, and yet gets nowhere near the activity and traction as many ecosystems that are less developed and less impressive technically.

The Solution

Our overarching objective is to help participants better navigate the Polkadot ecosystem: increasing exposure and understanding by aggregating “everything Polkadot” and presenting digestible, key information in a simple user interface (“UI”). We will accomplish this by collecting and gathering information via a variety of sources, maintaining a community database, and building a user-friendly front end website.

Our project will always focus on the end user. Whether the user is new to crypto or a seasoned veteran of the industry. Being a one-stop-shop can be daunting, so we will start with two smaller goals:

  1. Be the best, intuitive onboarding tool for new users

  2. Connect with teams, collaborators, investment teams, foundations, etc to define and curate the proper direction on where the ecosystem is headed

We do not want to present data merely because we collected it. Rather, we want to synthesize the disparate data and present it in a way that users can easily interact with in a simple manner.

Collectively, this encompasses our main objective: making the Polkadot ecosystem easy to understand and navigate regardless of who you are.

The Results

As part of our process, we will be focusing on specific results in order to determine if our efforts are paying off. The first result will be general traffic to our website. Every visit that goes to a website that focuses on Polkadot and the surrounding ecosystem will help drive awareness and adoption. The more eyeballs and clicks we can get, the broader the reach becomes.

The second result will be to drive traffic to DApps of teams. Onboarding users is where everyone must start, but from there we want to help users take full advantage of the ecosystem. By helping explain what DApps can accomplish, curating different ways in which they can be used, and providing links to DApps themselves as well as helpful content from around the internet, we will be able to leverage our user reach to help benefit all DApps across the ecosystem.

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